Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 4)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4


        Kim fell gracelessly onto her bed. She felt completely boneless. The day’s events had just drained any energy she had left. Ron had tried to bring up that subject again, but her beeper had gone off suddenly. Kim couldn’t tell who it was from, which was odd, but again she thanked whatever higher deity there was for the interruption. After the fuss with the beeper, Ron had either forgotten what he was going to say or decided to drop it for now.

        The tweebs went running past her room in a frenzy over something. Kim ignored them. That was how tired she was. She couldn’t even muster paranoia. The thought of paranoia turned her thoughts to a certain person. Surprisingly. Riiight. Kim really wanted to pull whatever Shego had given her out of her pocket, but it was a few moments before she could get her hand to move.

        Finally getting it out of the tight jeans, she held it up in front of her. It was a note. Okay. She opened it.


        Nice pants today. They looked vaguely familiar, I can’t imagine why...They look good on you, keep them. Green and black are your colors. You were born to wear them. We still need to talk, so meet me at Bueno Nacho tomorrow night. 7p.m. S

        Well, there’s Shego, always one step ahead. Though Kim would never admit it. Why Bueno Nacho? Isn’t that... well, public? The question now was if Kim was willing to meet Shego in a public place to figure out what to do with Ron. Shego didn’t strike Kim as the Bueno Nacho kind of person, so there had to be a reason behind it. Try as she might though, Kim couldn’t figure out what. She trusted Shego though. Kim paused in thought. Did she actually say she trusted Shego? Shego, the evil supervillainess, Drakken’s sidekick? After thinking about it for a minute, Kim realized that it was true. She DID trust Shego. In the dark that night, when she had felt Shego’s breath in her ear, Kim hadn’t really been surprised. Or frightened. Kim shook her head. Shego was evil. There was no other way around it. Kim would get killed if she trusted Shego. The raven-haired older girl always had ulterior motives. Always. No exceptions. Kim wanted to be friends, but it simply wasn’t possible. They were two very different people; they weren’t anything alike like Kim had thought earlier that day.

        With that, Kim trudged over to her closet and changed from the outfit Shego had given her into some pajamas. After brushing her teeth, Kim padded over to her bed quietly. Curling up in her blanket, the teenager tried not to think, just to sleep. But sleep eluded her even though her entire body felt like it was putty.

        “Good morning, Kimmie-cub!” Dr. Possible said cheerily the next morning.

        “Mmm,” was all he got from his daughter. Kim didn’t exactly look good that morning. Her hair stood up on end from tossing and turning in bed. Green eyes peeked out from reddened rims. It was official. Kim Possible looked horrible.

        “Something wrong, dear?” Mrs. Possible asked.

        Kim only shook her head and attempted at propping her eyelids open. “I just didn’t sleep good.” She sat down and poured herself some cereal.

        “Maybe you should take it easy today, Kimmie,” her mom suggested as she picked up a newspaper and headed out the door.

        “Where are you going?” Kim asked, happy that at least her brain was cooperating even though her mutinous body wouldn’t.

        “I have to work today. Big project. I’ll talk to you when I get home,” and she was out the door. Both Possibles left in the room just shrugged.

        Suddenly a loud crash was heard and a hole about as big as a head appeared in the wall next to Kim. Needless to say, Kim was already on her feet and expecting the worst. A small round mechanical contraption with two large eyes came bounding into the room. It was a light greenish color with two small legs underneath it. Kim had almost missed it having legs; it looked like it was just a ball.

        “Hoosha!” could be heard from the living room.

        “TWEEBS!” Kim screamed, now fully awake and thoroughly pissed about it. The tweebs then took their entrance and came bounding into the room and scooping the thing up in their hands.

        “It worked!” they said in unison and high fived.

        Kim looked sideways at her father, expecting an explosion like what her mom would have done. Mr. Possible was livid, that was obvious, but he managed to keep his anger in check. When Jim and Tim saw their dad, they fell silent.

        “I have two words for you, young men...” he began. “SUMMER JOB!”

        The tweebs faces fell. Kim almost felt sorry for them. But even Kim hadn’t managed to trash the house as many times as they had. Sure, museums, other people’s houses, but Kim knew better than to bring the fight home with her.

        Kim could feel a pair of eyes resting on her. She looked around, her hackles raising and then she realized it was the ‘thing’ her brothers were holding. Its big eyes were fixed upon her and refused to budge. In one giant leap, it was suddenly flying at her. She caught it easily, but almost dropped it anyway. What WAS it? ‘It’ stared up at her in adoration. It was... a ball of chords, wires and who knew what else. Giving up, she finally looked at the tweebs.

        “Tweebs?” she said, looking at the thing.

        “Artificial Intelligence.” Jim said.

        “Hoosha!” Tim yelled in exultation.

        “So... what is it?” Kim was busy flipping it over, looking at it.

        “It’s the new Furby!” they cried. “We’re sooo gonna make millions, baby!”

        “It doesn’t even have fur,” she pointed out. Their father was fascinated. He slowly reached out to touch it. The thing’s eyes followed his hand.

        “Interesting,” was all he said as he picked it up. It appeared, that the tweebs were off for now. They silently took their leave as their father poked and prodded their new invention.

        Kim’s watch went off. She looked at it and wondered briefly what she forgot. Then it struck her. She had signed up for community service last week to show off at Bonnie. Damn. She slumped. So much for a day to herself. She sighed and informed her dad about what was going on. He barely nodded to her, all his attention on the ‘new Furby’ in front of him.

        WHY am I here again?! Kim screamed inside her mind. She battered against the inside of her head and well...basically had a full thrown hissy fit. On the outside, Kim simply dipped her brush into a canister of paint and started painting the bar she was working on. She had reported to Middleton High that morning and had been assigned to paint the Elementary school’s playground. The monkey bars, slide and tunnel had already been finished; all she had left was the seesaw and the swing seats that she was working on now.

        The sun beat down relentlessly on her. It was probably getting close to 4 o’clock by now. A small trickle of sweat ran down her back, which she pointedly ignored and instead favored pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. Her yellow shirt was a little worse for the wear, a small tear in the sleeve and blotched with different color paints. Her pants only had a few sprinkles of white and pink paint. It blended in quite well it actually looked good. Not exactly Club Banana, but oh well.

        Applying the last bit of red paint to the last swing seat, Kim’s communicator sounded. She paused a moment to wipe her hands on a rag and pulled it out of her back pocket.

        “What’s the sitch?” she said, almost relieved to be pulled away from her work. Ron’s face flashed on the screen instead of Wade’s. “Oh, hey Ron.”

        “Hey KP, how’s it going? Where ARE you, by the way?” he asked, moving his face really close to the screen as if that would help him to see around Kim. Kim was used to Ron’s usual oddities, but couldn’t help giggling at the sight of his enlarged nose on her screen.

        “Community service. Remember I signed up last week?” Kim blew hair out of her face.

        “Oh yeah. Um... WHY did you sign up again?” Ron raised an eyebrow.

        Refusing to mention Bonnie fitting into the equation, Kim merely said, “I wanted to help out during the weekend.”

        “Saving the world time and time again isn’t good enough for the people of Middleton, huh?” Rufus popped on the screen and waved energetically.

        “Whatever Ron. It never hurts to help out a little. You could, it’s not like you’re doing anything today,” Kim pointed out.

        “I’m busy taking it easy. Can’t have the girls seeing me with bags under my eyes, can I? How am I supposed to pick up chicks with red rimmed eyes?” Kim saw Rufus nod his head in agreement.

        Kim merely rolled her eyes. “Well, I have to get back to painting if I’m ever going to get done.”

        “Hey KP, how about Bueno Nacho later? Maybe for dinner?” Ron’s eyes were hopeful. Kim froze remembering she had to meet with Shego.

        “I can’t, I have something I absolutely MUST get done tonight,” she answered. Seeing his shoulders slump, she added, “Rain check? Tomorrow night?”

        He brightened. “Sure thing, Kim. Talk to you later.”

        “Bye Ron.” Kim flicked the communicator off and replaced it in her back pocket. Sighing, she picked up her can of red paint and brush and took them back into the school. She came back out a few minutes later carrying a can of orange paint and her paintbrush, newly washed. Cracking her knuckles, she began on the last piece of playground equipment with vigor. It didn’t take her long, it was a rather small seesaw as far as seesaws go.

        Replacing all her tools and paint inside the school, Kim headed back home. She only had two hours before she needed to head out to Bueno Nacho. What was she going to do about Ron? Or even Shego for that matter? Kim shook her head and purposefully banished these thoughts from her head as she walked home. ...Maybe Ron would just go back to acting like he did before? The thoughts slowly crept their way back into her brain. Maybe if she didn’t bring it up, he wouldn’t either...

        Looking up, Kim realized she was already at her house. Jogging up and through the door, it didn’t take long for her to grasp that something was wrong. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it though. Walking through the house, Kim peeked into different rooms on her way through. When she reached the living room, she saw her dad on his hands and knees looking under a table.

        “Dad?” Kim inquired quietly.

        “Shhhhh!” Dr. Possible hissed. Kim crept up behind him to see what all the fuss was about. Lowering herself down, she poked her nose under the table. Curled up into a little ball in the corner was a small bundle of fur. If Kim hadn’t been sure it was what her father was looking at, she would have passed it up as a giant ball of lint. Honestly, you never know what you’re going to find under couches and tables these days.

        “What is it?” she asked of Mr. Possible. At the sound of her voice, the thing uncurled itself, big eyes seemed to almost pop out of nowhere. It made a sound suspiciously like a squeak and came racing towards her.

        “What the-!” Kim bit down hard on her tongue to keep from ending the sentence in the presence of her father. She did however, keep her reflexes under control and not slam the thing into the wall, as she had wanted to do at first. The fluffy ball was surprisingly fast. Faster than any human. And had attached itself to Kim’s chest.

        “Get it off, get it off, get it off!” Kim squeaked herself.

        “Kimmie, calm down. It’s only the A.I. Jim and Tim was working on.” Kim’s father attempted to pry the A.I. off of his daughter’s shirt. It wouldn’t budge and he had to stop when a loud ripping noise was heard. “Well...” Dr. Possible scratched the back of his head in frustration. “It looks like it’s taken a liking to you. It appears that you’re stuck with it, at least until we can calm it down.” The fur ball was now making soft keening noises. Great, just what Kim needed right now. A fuzz ball that had no use.

        After about a half an hour, Kim had managed to coax the little thing to let go of her shirt. Even though it had let go, the thing persisted in following Kim around the house wherever she went. And it completely ignoring her father who desperately wanted its attention. Why me?? Kim thought to herself. Noticing it was already 6:45, Kim leaped through the air and took off for the door. Slamming the door behind her she heard an ear-piercing wail that had her covering her ears in a seconds notice. Kim muttered under her breath and cracked the door open enough for the fur ball to come waddling after her. She rolled her eyes wondering what Shego would think of it all. She’d probably laugh.

        Kim scooped the A.I. up and took off running in the direction of Bueno Nacho. She arrived there panting slightly, but on time. There was one good thing about saving the world every day, it kept you in good shape. She pushed open the doors and strode confidently into the restaurant. After all, this was practically her second home seeing as how it was Ron’s favorite place to eat. Actually, it went beyond favorite. The guy was obsessed. She looked around and spotted Shego off to her right already sitting in a booth. Kim made a beeline for her.

        Shego didn’t even acknowledge her presence, but somehow Kim didn’t think she was that oblivious. Shego was after all, the only villain that could maybe defeat Kim. Emphasis on the ‘maybe’.

        “Been here long?” Kim inquired as she slid across from the older girl. She was wearing all black this evening, instead of her usual color combo. A short spaghetti strap shirt left a rather large margin of pale stomach peeking out above a pair of velvet pants. Velvet pants. Huh. Kim’s fingers itched to investigate the new clothing. She’d never gotten a chance to touch velvet pants. Only then did Kim remember that she hadn’t changed. She was still in her paint spotted, torn clothing from earlier today. Great. Sitting across something that could pass for a goddess, Kim looked like a flea. She refused to acknowledge the fact that she looked much worse than Shego. Her pride wouldn’t let her. Eleanor Roosevelt said that nobody could make you feel inferior unless you let them. Kim was sticking to her guns.

        Finally Shego moved. She lowered the menu she’d been looking at and smirked. “No. Am I inconveniencing you?”

        Kim sighed. “Do we always have to do this?”

        “Do what?” Shego looked perplexed.

        “The barbs, threats, the teasing...” Kim replied, looking the older girl in the eye.

        Shego’s eyes dropped first. “Just talking seems too easy,” she mumbled.

        “Whoever said we do anything the easy way?” Kim grinned and picked up Shego’s menu, skimming it.

        “Hey!” Shego snatched back the menu as Kim stuck her tongue out at her. “And I DO do the easy thing. I steal, remember?”

        Kim captured Shego’s emerald gaze again. “You don’t have to.”

        “Yes,” she said quietly. “I do.” Sensing this was going in an area Kim didn’t want to pursue, she changed the subject. Leave this one for a later date.

        “So what’s good to eat here?” Kim asked.

        Shego just stared at her. Then it hit her what she’d just said. Kim had only been going to Bueno Nacho since the grand opening and she was asking SHEGO what was good to eat? It must have been the ludicrous situation, but both girls giggled.

        Scooting around the table, Kim stood up. Shego mimicked her. Kim cocked her head. So did Shego. Kim shook her head and turned to walk to the counter and Shego grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back into her. The red head could feel the heat emanating from Shego as she laughed in Kim’s ear. Kim’s face flushed.

        “You are TOO easy!” Shego exclaimed. “I don’t know anyone who blushes as cute as you do!”

        Needless to say, this didn’t help Kim’s blush. In fact, her face almost matched her hair at this point. Shego let her go and walked past her to the counter. With a large canary-eating smile, Shego began a conversation with the cashier. He smiled tentatively at her.

        Hand on her hip, Kim couldn’t imagine what Shego was up to now. She knew the raven-haired woman well enough to know that something was up. When she saw Shego angle herself just so, Kim’s face flushed again. She was flirting. With the cashier. Kim was betting that they were going to get free food out of this. Her responsible side flared and insisted that she pay so she practically ran over to them to stop what was going on.

        Two minutes later, Kim and Shego headed back to their booth with trays in either hand. They sat the trays down and silently sat back down.

        Finally out of earshot, Shego started in on Kim. “Prude! We so could have gotten all this for free if you would’ve just shut your trap!”

        “We didn’t need it free, I had money,” Kim replied calmly.

        “That’s not the point,” Shego grumbled, pouting. “I was having fun.”

        “Why don’t you just get yourself a boyfriend? Your life would be so much easier.” Kim munched on a fry thoughtfully.

        “None of your freaking business,” Shego retorted crossly. Kim’s eyes again met hers. Why couldn’t Shego lie at those eyes? “Besides, a new boyfriend every week doesn’t solve anything.”

        Kim let it go. She didn’t want to press their fragile friendship too far. They were still learning to be nice to each other. It was all kind of new for both girls. She’d find it out later; she just had to quell her wicked curiosity.

        Wondering what Kim was thinking, Shego decided that it wasn’t good. Time to break her out of those thoughts. Motioning for Kim to lean forward conspiratorially, Shego whispered in Kim’s ear too low for anyone to hear. Kim’s face flushed red and she jerked back. Shego slid a booted foot up Kim’s calf and grinned wickedly.

        “No, I was NOT propositioning you!” Kim hissed between her teeth.


        Turning, Kim looked up into Ron’s hurt eyes. Ron stood above her wearing his casual clothes and didn’t move. Kim couldn’t think of what to say. What could she say? He’d just walked in on an embarrassing part of a conversation between her and Shego.

        “Ron, I-” she started.

        “Why’s she here?” he motioned to Shego.

        “W-we...” Why couldn’t she get her voice to work right? She hadn’t really been doing anything wrong. Other than talking with the enemy. And it looked even worse than it really was.

        “We’re on a date, doof.” Shego inspected her nails, not deigning him worthy of her gaze.

        Kim’s mouth dropped open. Her jaw worked, but no sound came out.

        Surprise written all over Ron’s face, all he said was “Oh.”

        “You could join us, if you’d like though,” Shego said patting the seat next to her.

        “No, no. That’s okay. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, KP.” And he was out the door.

Kim whirled on Shego.

        “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!” she screeched. A loud squeak came from under the table and Kim’s leg suddenly grew a fur ball. A light green fur ball.

        “You asked me to help you with Ron, right?” Shego was unperturbed by the raging female across from her.

        “I didn’t want you to hurt him!!!!!” Kim yelled. The A.I. fuzz puff started wailing in long keening noises again.

        “Okay, what the hell is that thing?” Shego finally asked, pointing at the A.I.

        “He’s this little thing my brothers are working on!” she replied, throwing her hands up in frustration. She felt like crying.

        Shego raised an eyebrow. “Interesting. Look, calm down for a second-”

        “Calm down?! My best friend just got his heart ripped out and chewed on!!” Kim was getting frantic.

        “Look.” Shego reached across the table and grabbed Kim’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. “Now the dimwit thinks you’re going out with someone so he has to leave you alone, okay? Problem solved!”

        “Shego, has it occurred to you that you’re a woman???” Kim asked.

        “Gee,” she looked down at her chest. “This is all news to me.” She smirked.

        “You’re the bad guy here! You’re evil and a woman! You’re the worst possible choice to tell Ron I was dating!!” she shrieked. “Have you thought about what this’ll do to my reputation?!”

        Shego’s temper flared. “FINE THEN! Go back to your stupid friend and tell him it was all a joke! Maybe you can give him a pity fuck while you’re at it!” She stood up, knocking over a glass of water on the table. “Just remember one thing, Miss Priss,” she hissed an inch from her face. “YOU came to ME.” Shego turned and promptly left a very flustered looking Kim Possible with water slowly dripping off the table and into her lap. Kim never noticed the water. Or the fact that everyone in the place was covertly glancing her way every two seconds.




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