Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 3)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


        “Hiya, Kimmie,” her dad said the moment she walked through the door. “How was school?”

        “Uh,” Kim faltered, then replaced it with a big smile. “No big, Dad.”

        “Ron’s been calling you almost non-stop ever since I got home, any clue why?” Mr. Possible asked his daughter. “When did you start wearing black and green?”

        “I-uh, just decided to try something new today Dad, that’s all.” Kim said and ran off towards her room. Her dad just shook his head.

        “Teenagers,” was all he said.

        Once inside her room, Kim leaned up against her door. She glanced at her clock, it was only 4 o’clock. Her day had gone pretty good all things considered. All things including the fact that she, Kim Possible, had spent all day with her greatest enemy and actually enjoyed herself. Shego had ended up using a little ship meant for escaping to take them out to lunch. It was still raining, so walking was out. Kim had no choice but to agree to ride in the stolen vehicle. They had ended up getting take out and eating with the ship on autopilot. After talking for about an hour, Shego agreed to take Kim home.

        Of course, the moment Shego flew away Kim realized that she didn’t know any more than she did when she woke up this morning. No way to solve her current dilemma. Oh well. The phone rang.

        The moment she picked it up, she knew it was Ron. Too late to hang up.

        “KP?!” Ron yelled.

        “Yeah Ron, it’s me,” Kim said into the receiver.


        “Ron, so not the drama. I just felt the need to be alone for awhile.” Kim replied.

        “Oh... I see.” Kim could hear Ron’s voice fall.

        “Not like that. I just needed to think about a few things, that’s all.” Kim’s communicator went off. “Hold on Ron.”

        “What’s the sitch, Wade?” Kim asked, kind of glad for the interruption.

        “Another robbery, this one in Japan.” Wade typed a few keys. “I’ll hook you up.”

        “Thanks, Wade.” Kim flicked the communicator off. “You still there, Ron?”

        “Yeah,” Ron said.

        “We got a robbery in Japan. Meet me outside my house, okay?”

        “I’m on it, KP!” he said immediately.

        Kim ran for her closet, throwing it open she grabbed her usual black top and cargo pants. Changing her top quickly, she hesitated over the pants. She heard Shego’s voice in her mind, “Next time your little computer nerd buddy calls you up and tells you I’m stealing something try wearing tighter clothes. You’ll notice the diff, trust me.” Kim decided to go with Shego’s advice. After all, would it matter if she didn’t wear the same thing to every mission? Even if it weren’t Shego this time, she’d still end up fighting. A tendril of thought curled itself in her brain and Kim knew she was kidding herself. It was Shego.

        Racing out the door, yelling something about a mission to her parents, she waited outside her house for Ron. About two minutes later, she saw him. She also saw a 747 jet coming. It landed on the road, slowing to a halt. Before Ron could say anything to her, they hopped onboard and took off. Kim strapped herself into a seat as Ron did the same.

        “Thanks for the ride,” Kim called out over the engine.

        “Sure thing. After saving the military base like you did, it’s the least we could do,” yelled the pilot.

        Kim noticed Ron looking at her sideways. “What?” she asked.

        “Uh, what’s with the pants?” Ron pointed at the black jeans Kim was wearing.

        “Um... I just wanted to try something new, that’s all.” Kim shrugged, thinking of Ron’s outburst if he found out she spent the day with, of all people, Shego.

        They continued chatting the entire way there. Small stuff. Ron didn’t try to bring up anything, so Kim wisely never said anything about it either. In fact, she thanked whatever higher deity there was for it. The ride only took two hours and soon they were landing.

        Kim and Ron hopped off the plane and thanked the pilot again before they headed for a small factory not far away.

        “I wonder what they make here?” Ron wondered out loud.

        Kim got her grappling gun out and shot it at an open window, grabbed Ron and soon they were in the building itself.

        “Beats me,” Kim replied to Ron’s earlier question. It was dark, so she had to squint to see clearly.

        “Really now?” a soft-as-velvet female voice whispered in her ear. Kim hesitated for a moment. “Aw, is the big hero afraid?” A hand snaked its way down her back, sending electric shocks up Kim’s back. Kim whirled around and knocked Shego’s hand away.

        “KP?” Ron said, not being able to see in the dark, but able to hear that someone else was here.

        “Fight me!” Shego hissed in Kim’s ear, low enough that Ron couldn’t hear. Kim obliged, sending a fist at where she thought Shego was. Her eyes were beginning to adjust; she could make out Shego’s curvaceous silhouette now.

        “Ron! Find the light switch!” Kim yelled. She could hear him scrambling to find it.

        Shego pounced on Kim like she had earlier, but now Kim knew what she was doing. She rolled to the side a split second before Shego landed. Kim took advantage of the position and kicked Shego’s legs out from under her, but Shego grabbed Kim’s foot as she was getting up dragging her to the ground once again. Shego climbed up Kim’s body as the red head struggled against her. 

        Bright light ripped across their vision, blinding both girls. They paused in their fighting and looked up. Kim spotted Ron across the room standing near the light switch. Shego snarled at him. Kim flipped her over in her moment of distraction and took the upper hand. The girls went back to their grappling as Ron ran over to them. Ron grabbed Shego by the waist and tried to pull her off Kim.

        “Paws off, little boy!” Shego growled and lashed outward, sending Ron flying.

        “Ron!” Kim yelled, pausing to see if he was all right. She felt movement behind her.

        Shego was now on a pipe high above them a box in her hand. She pulled out something that looked like a strawberry iced stick and dragged it across her tongue, grinning at Kim. The sound of a truck starting was audible. Shego grinned wider as she heard Drakken yelling for her.

        “Nice pants Kimmie,” and she leaped out the window that Kim had came in. Bad guys 1. Team Possible/Stoppable 0. Kim felt her face get hot. Kim shook it off and ran over to check on Ron.

        “Oww,” was all he said as she picked him up off the floor. Kim took in her surroundings now that she had time. There were boxes stacked over at one end and a long assembly line. It seemed simple. Kim picked up a box. Needless to say, it was all in Japanese so she couldn’t read it. She fished out her communicator.

        “Wade?” she called.

        “What’s up, Kim?” he asked.

        “Well, Shego got away. But she seemed to be stealing something. I can’t tell what it is.” She held the communicator so Wade could see the box.

        “Gimme a second.” He scanned it and typed for a minute. “It’s something called ‘Pocky’. Apparently it’s big in Japan. It’s a cookie stick with icing on it basically. Sounds good. I might buy some later if I can get my mom to agree.”

        “Thanks Wade,” Kim said preoccupied with her thoughts. Why in the world would Shego steal pocky? It’s just food. She had to remember to ask Shego next time she saw the older girl.

        Ron limped up next to her. “Bueno Nacho?” he pleaded.

        “Oh all right, let’s get going. You’re buying,” she added. It was a Friday, so her parents wouldn’t be mad if she stayed out a little longer. Kim told Wade what they were up to and waited for their transportation.

        Once they were dropped off at Bueno Nacho Ron started acting more like himself. Apparently the thought of food perked him up quite a bit. Kim merely smiled at her friend, her thoughts of Shego still foremost in her mind. Ron turned to her with a grin.

        “We’re gonna grande size it baby!” he yelled enthusiastically to Kim behind him. He slammed into someone while his head was turned. He turned, shaking his head. “Sorry-”

        “SHEGO!” Kim and Ron said in unison.

        The villainess stood with a hand on her hip, smirk on her face and a bag in her other hand. She was still in her green and black body suit. She had the nerve to show up after stealing?

        “What? A girl’s not allowed to eat anymore?” she sneered at Ron. Her eyes flicked to Kim. “Kimmie, darling.” She grinned. Kim just stared at her. Ron looked from Shego to Kim as if expecting a fight.

        “Let’s go, Ron,” Kim finally said, she motioned with her head towards a booth.

        “What? We’re not gonna take her in?!”

        “We have no proof that she did it. So we can’t do anything,” Kim said looking into Shego’s eyes as she said it. She smirked.

        “But... we’re not going to do anything??” Ron asked incredulously.

        “What can we do?” Kim asked him, annoyed.

        “Nothing.” Shego said and passed them, barely brushing Kim’s shoulder on her way past. Shego looked in the direction of the cashier and Ron followed her gaze. During his distraction, she pressed something into Kim’s palm and brushed her lips across Kim’s ear. “Until next time, Kimmie.” Kim pocketed it immediately before Ron saw it. 




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