Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 2)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2


        Beep Beep Beep!

        Kim groaned and cracked an eye open. Realizing it was the alarm clock that killed her wonderful dream, she slammed a fist down on the top and yawned. She squinted at the light leaking through her window. Morning. School. Damn. Kim crawled out of bed and after a long process of figuring out what to wear, changed her clothes. A quick 5 minutes in the bathroom had her looking her usual perfect self.

        Ducking out the door and grabbing her backpack on the way out, she yelled bye to her mom and dad. She was already late, so decided her usual walk to school wasn’t going to cut it. Searching through the garage, she found her bike and pedaled off towards Middleton High.

        Kim finally reached her destination in less time than she thought. She thought about what would happen when she ran into Ron as she walked down the hallways towards her locker. She heard his voice before she saw him and ducked into the girls’ bathroom before he saw her. Blowing a lock of hair out of her face, Kim waited until after Ron passed, then continued to her locker. Until she figured out what to do with him, she’d avoid him. Easy. Riiiight.

        Opening her locker, Kim found a pair of emerald eyes looking at her. She smiled at the picture of Shego and filched through her things to find her first period books. Just like any other day at school. See? Things weren’t so bad.

        “KIM!” she heard Ron yell from the other end of the hallway. Kim cringed and shut her locker as Ron approached.

        “Hey Ron, what’s up?” Kim asked, putting on a smile for him.

        “I just wanted to say sorry again for yesterday...” He rubbed the back of his head.

        “No big, Ron. Ready for class?” Kim said easing his fears.

        “I was born ready! Life is gonna start anew, mark my words!” Ron said with his usual amount of perk. They started walking off to class. “But seriously, Kim, we gotta talk about--”

        “Ron, look out!” yelled Kim. And much to her horror, he never saw it coming. A mop was leaning against some lockers, along with a bucket of dirty water the janitor was using to mop the floors with. Needless to say, Ron stumbled over the mop, grabbed Kim’s shirt, slipped anyway and fell flat into the bucket, sending dirty water flying.

        The end result was...well, a dripping Kim Possible with a look that would scare the devil back into hell. Her new white shirt now had a foot length rip from the neckline down to the side and was completely ruined from the dirty water. Just then, with her usual impeccable timing, Bonnie came down the hall with her entourage. Smirking, Bonnie only looked Kim up and down without a word, stuck her nose up in the air and kept walking. Kim heard her mention something about the cream rising to the top as she rounded the corner.

        “Kim, I’m so--” Ron began, picking himself up and trying to wring his shirt out. Kim didn’t say anything, she simply turned and stalked off back to her locker. Ron followed, not getting the hint.

        “Look, Ron, it’s fine. Go to class. I’ll be there later. Okay?” Kim gritted out between clenched teeth.

        “I-uh, okay, sure Kim. See you later.” Ron said with an unsure look and went to first period, a wet, coughing Rufus hanging out of his pocket.

        Kim opened her locker and pressed her forehead on the cool metal, hoping the coolness of the metal would cool her temper as well. She sighed and closed her eyes. Honestly, she had no clue. She was going to go crazy in a matter of days if this kept up. Helplessness washed over her. She couldn’t tell Ron, she couldn’t. Okay, now it was time to admit...Kim Possible needed help. Kind of ironic how she could handle the fate of the world on a daily basis, but couldn’t handle her own personal problems. Now honestly, Kim had nowhere to go. She couldn’t tell her parents, they’d just tell her to work it out herself. And she would, if she could just figure out how... Okay, so parents are no. Ron IS the problem...Wade? No, she doubted he would know what to do either. Opening her eyes, she stared at a picture of her and Ron when they were younger. Both were smiling and looked as if they were having a blast. If only times were that easy now, she thought wryly. Looking farther up she met that familiar cool green gaze again. Her enemy stood with her hand on her hip, looking as arrogant as ever in her usual green and black clothing. Shego? No, Shego was her archenemy. I mean, come on. Right, like she’d ever ask Shego for help.

       Rain pelted downwards thoroughly soaking everything in sight. Including one red headed teenager. Kim trudged through the tall grass heading for an old, abandoned house sitting halfway up a hill about twenty miles from Middleton. Still garbed in the remains of her shirt and pants she’d been wearing at school, her red hair plastered to her face, partially hiding her eyes, nobody had stopped to question why she left school barely after it had started. Three hours later, Kim had managed to half hitchhike; half walk her way to the old house where she knew Shego lived. She hadn’t even had to talk to Wade, Kim knew where Shego lived just like Shego knew where Kim lived. There was an unspoken rule about personal space that even the villainess had yet to break. You just didn’t attack someone where they lived, you just didn’t.

        Finally reaching the entrance to the house, Kim paused for a moment to steel herself. Was she really going to do this? Shego’s knowing smirk back at Fieldbrook mansion flashed before her eyes. Yes. Shego understood what was going on, she picked up on things quickly. Usually quicker than Kim herself. But even so, would Shego help Kim? Probably not, but it’s not like Kim had any other options. She knocked on the door before she could chicken out.

        Kim heard a thump and movement from inside the house. A few seconds later the door cracked open to reveal a familiar green eye peeking out.

        “What?” Shego practically snarled.


        “Kim,” Shego sneered. It wasn’t a question. The door swung open to reveal a rather odd looking Shego. The villainess had herself wrapped up in a long, fluffy forest green robe and her hair was all tousled from sleep. Kim wouldn’t have guessed she was sleeping from her voice. She had never seen Shego in anything other than her form fitting green and black suit, looking nothing less than perfect. Of course Kim had never been to where Shego lived either. Shego motioned mockingly for Kim to come in, muttering to herself.

        Kim stepped through the threshold and into the old, and rather dusty Kim noticed, house. Old chairs with springs sticking out, dust everywhere. This was where Shego lived? It didn’t look like anyone had lived here for years.

        “This had better be good,” Shego yawned, a hand on her hip.

        “I-uh, I’m sorry for waking you up. I didn’t think you’d be sleeping,” Kim began nervously. She’d never tried just talking to Shego they were always fighting instead.

        “When did you think I slept? During the night when I steal stuff?” Shego shook her head disgustedly.  “Whatever. Yeah, yeah. Cut to the chase, what do you want?” Shego couldn’t help looking curiously at Kim’s state of dress. “What the hell happened to you?” Did she just sound concerned about Kim? Squashing that idea, she added, “I certainly hope you haven’t been slipping. It’s not going to be any fun kicking your butt if just anyone can do it.”

        “Gee, thanks.” Kim said dryly. “I...” she started but hesitated, feeling foolish. What was she here for? Shego hates Ron. And me. Why would she help? She didn’t need Shego’s help! She was Kim Possible. Check the name.

        Shego only raised an eyebrow, wordlessly waiting for Kim to continue.

        “Never mind,” Kim finally said heading for the door.

        Shego acted before Kim even registered. The older woman was in front of the door blocking her passage with a mischievous grin and the sparkling eyes that she got during a fight.

        “Oh hell no, sweetie. Now you have got to tell me what brings the goody-goody Kim Possible to my doorstep looking like she’s given up all hope.” Shego faltered on the last four words and her grin twitched, but stayed as it was.

        “Shego...let me leave.” It wasn’t a request. Shego’s head came up an inch smelling a fight. Her body tensed and she reminded Kim of...something feline.

        “No. You’ve managed to pique my curiosity now.” Shego replied.

        Shego’s actions were to say in the least, odd. Why wouldn’t she let Kim leave all of the sudden? Kim would’ve thought Shego would be happy to get Kim out of her house. Maybe she just wanted to fight. So Kim would oblige.

        Throwing a kick at Shego’s head, the fight commenced. Shego easily sidestepped the action and punched at Kim. The punch never hit because Kim scrambled backwards, getting out of the way. Shego advanced and pounced on Kim before the younger girl could blink. Straddling her waist and pinning Kim’s hands to the floor above her head, Shego leaned down. Kim’s heart stopped beating and all she saw was Shego’s face descending towards hers. Shego bypassed Kim’s face and whispered in her ear.

        “You came all this way to talk to me, Kim. And now I want to know why.” Shego sat up in Kim’s lap and looked at the red head seriously. By now Kim was quite flustered. She kept telling herself it was because Shego beat her. That was all it was. Kim had frozen at the sound of her name. Kim, not Kimmie, just Kim. It softened her resolve and eased her stubborn heart.

        “Fine,” Kim said bitterly. “Get off me.” Kim bucked her hips and tried to dislodge the raven-haired girl on top of her. Only then did she notice that the robe had parted showing the pale skin of Shego’s thighs. Why didn’t it surprise her that Shego wouldn’t wear anything under her robe? This only made Kim’s face turn as red as her hair. She felt the heat in her face and knew she was blushing, but couldn’t help it.

        Shego smirked. “Aw, Kimmie, I knew you loved me,” she said mockingly. Shego rolled off Kim and stood up, straightening her robe. Kim stood up but refused to look at the other woman’s face and brushed off her clothes. Not that it did anything, the clothes were already ruined.

        “Follow me,” Shego ordered and turned without waiting to see if Kim would listen. She did though and Kim looked curiously about the house and saw that all the rooms were like the first, dusty and unused. They walked to the back of the house into a small room off to the side. Inside, the room was spotless. A mattress lie on the floor, next to it sat a lamp. There was a closet off the right, but the doors were closed.

        Shego went over and sat down cross-legged on the bed and motioned for Kim to do the same. Kim sat on the edge of the bed like a rabbit ready to run for cover at the least little sight of danger. Shego’s green gaze rested on Kim and she looked thoughtful. A minute or two passed and neither of them said anything. Finally shaking her head, Shego broke the silence.

        “So why didn’t you go to one of your friends for this sort of thing? I always thought you went to the buffoon for everything.” Shego stated calmly.

        “I...Ron IS the problem.” Kim said looking at her feet. Shego said nothing and waited for Kim to continue. Again, Kim felt foolish, but pressed on. “He’s been acting strange lately. Being more... I don’t know, awkward around me. Messing everything up.” She finished lamely.

        “Are you oblivious enough not to know that he likes you?”

        Kim ignored the barb. “I know that. But why is he acting like this now? I mean, he’s liked me since... well, puberty!”

        “He’s your friend, don’t you know him well enough yet?” Shego inspected her nails and grabbed a nail file.

        “I do know him!” Kim yelled. Shego wasn’t fazed. “It’s just...”

        “You don’t like him.” Shego said for her.

        “Not like” Kim slumped.

        Shego got up off the bed. “Strip,” she ordered.

        “WHAT?!” Kim screeched.

        “Strip,” Shego repeated. “You’re dripping all over my bed and this matter’s going to take some time to resolve.”

        “...oh. Well, do you have to stand there and watch?” Kim asked, a slight pink tinge on her cheeks.

        Shego grinned. “Have you ever changed in front of your disaster friend?”

        “Yes,” Kim finally admitted.

        “So why is it any different with me standing here?” Shego’s grin grew wider. Her eyes seemed greener to Kim suddenly. More reptilian. Like Kim was her prey. Why did it feel different with Shego in the room with her?

        A towel hit Kim square in the face. She caught it and blinked uncomprehendingly at it. Shego sighed exasperatedly and walked behind Kim. She wrapped Kim’s hair up in the towel.

        “You’re getting everything wet.” Shego stated. Then she grinned evilly. “And not in the good sort of way.” Kim blushed. “So strip already! I’ll turn my back for you if you’re such a prude.” Turning her back, Shego tapped her foot.

        Kim quickly changed out of her clothes. Once she was completely nude and holding her clothes, only then did it occur to her that she had nothing to change into. A folded green halter top and a pair of black jeans were handed to her. Looking up, Kim met a pair of emerald eyes staring back at her. Shego’s gaze lazily looked Kim up and down.

        “Nice,” was all she said.

        Kim made a noise suspiciously close to a squawk and turned a bright red, snatched the clothes offered to her and looked for somewhere to hide. The only problem was there was nowhere to hide. Except the closet. Shooting past Shego, Kim darted into the closet and closed the door. Once in there, she took a deep breath and nearly went up in flames. That was probably top three on her most embarrassing moments list. Now she felt supremely dumb. Shego had only been trying to provoke her and Kim had let her get under her skin. She sighed and worked on getting the clothes on.

        Outside, Shego only snickered and lie down on her bed. The minute her head hit the pillow, she was reminded of how sleepy she was. She had been up all night working on an errand for Drakken and had only gotten maybe four hours of sleep tops. She closed her eyes for a moment.

        A few moments later, Kim decided to come out of the closet finally. She had to admit, the clothes fit almost perfectly. The jeans were a little longer than she would have preferred, but it’s not like she really cared. She noticed Shego lying on the bed with her back to the teen hero. She suddenly felt guilty again for waking Shego up. She was being really nice by helping Kim. Wait...did she just say nice? Shego was being nice? Well... she was. Huh.

        “You look good in green and black. Perhaps you should switch sides and become my sidekick,” Shego said with a grin. Kim hadn’t even seen her turn over.

        “So not the dram- what are you DOING?!” Kim said her eyes very round indeed.

        “What? I’m obviously not going back to sleep now, so I can’t get dressed too?” Shego said unperturbed. Slipping out of her robe, she threw it on the bed and headed towards the closet. Kim diverted her eyes, but not before she saw that Shego was not in fact, naked. She wore a pair of lacy panties only a shade darker than her skin color. No bra though. For about the fiftieth time that day, Kim’s cheeks tinged pink. If Shego was this calm about it, why did Kim feel the urge to fidget? Her eyes were drawn to motion. Shego was shaking her hips and singing softly as she searched for something to wear.

        “Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop. Never gonna stop me, never gonna stop...” she sang. Grabbing a black tube top and some darker green pants made of something Kim couldn’t identify, she danced as she put everything on. “Scream if you want it...’Cause I want more!” Kim noticed that everything in Shego’s closet seemed form fitting. Not one piece seemed to be loose fitting.

        “Why isn’t any of your clothes loose?” Kim asked, cocking her head to the side.

        “Who wouldn’t want this body?” Shego wiggled her hips to emphasize her point. “Actually it’s because loose clothes get in the way. If I tried stealing something in a pair of your cargo pants, they’d probably not only give away my position every time I moved, but they’d get tangled up in my legs when I fight.”

        “They don’t bother my fighting.” Kim pointed out.

        “Really? Next time your little computer nerd buddy calls you up and tells you I’m stealing something try wearing tighter clothes. You’ll notice the diff, trust me.” Shego relaxed into a smile that looked natural.

        Kim was going to ask why Shego just didn’t fight her now to prove her point, but didn’t. Shego finally seemed to relax around Kim. REALLY relax, not that whole façade. She didn’t want to mess that up. Strangely, this was kind of fun. In a lot of ways, Kim and Shego were alike.

        “What’s with that look?” Shego asked.

        “I was just thinking how much you’re like me.” Kim replied.

        “It took you that long to realize that? See? Now if you would just jump the fence and join me we’d make an unstoppable team.” The offer was out of Shego’s mouth before she realized she said it. She didn’t retract it either.

        “Or better yet, why don’t YOU jump the fence and join ME,” Kim countered. Shego only snorted. “Do you have a mirror?”

        The question seemed to take the older girl off guard. “Not right now. I did, but it broke after Drakken looked in it.”

        Kim couldn’t suppress a chuckle.

        “Why?” she asked.

        “I wanted to do my hair,” Kim said wistfully as she tried to untangle it with her fingers. Unfortunately, the wet mass didn’t want to cooperate.

        Shego flopped down on the bed and fished around with her hand on the other side of the mattress. She pulled out a brush finally and sat up, motioning for Kim to sit down in front of her. Kim did as she was bidden and sat on the mattress in front of Shego, letting the older girl brush her hair.

        The brush running through her hair sent shivers down Kim’s spine. At least that’s what she thought anyway. She could feel Shego at her back and instead of tensing, as she should have, she relaxed further. Shego began humming to herself, and to Kim’s surprise, it lulled her into a doze.

        “Shego, why do you live here?” Kim asked, still in a haze.

        “Well it beats living at Drakken’s lair. Not only do I get a little privacy, but it got annoying every time you’d come in and the lair would end up in flames, along with all my stuff, so I moved out,” she said simply.

        “But why here?”

        “It’s quiet and I don’t need a lot of space, hence my one little room here. It’s... something of mine.” Shego finished brushing Kim’s hair and ran her fingers through the copper mass.

        “So...” Kim broke out of her daze as her stomach growled. “How about we go for lunch?”

        “Aw, Kimmie, are you asking me out?” Shego teased.

        “No! I’m... just hungry. It’s lunchtime and I’m used to getting lunch at school! Never mind...”

        “No, no,” Shego chuckled at Kim’s embarrassment. “I’ll go, seeing as how you’re buying and all.” She slung an arm around Kim’s shoulders and steered her towards the door.

        “Wait... what do you mean I’M buying?” Kim stammered, ignoring Shego’s arm.

        “What? You wouldn’t ask a poor girl like myself to pay would you?” Shego looked at her with big green eyes.

        “You’re not poor,” Kim muttered.

        “Why do you think I steal for a living? Because I’m rich?” snorted Shego.

        “So get a job, a normal career and quit stealing!” Kim retorted.




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