Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 12)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12


        “Shego, will you hurry up!” Kim yelled, checking her watch. At this rate she was going to be late.

        “All right, all right. Let’s go,” Shego said finally, throwing a hairbrush onto the bed.

        Kim didn’t even respond. She grabbed Shego’s hand and whoosh they were out the door.

        They ran the entire way there, meeting up with Ron on the way.

        “Why are we running?” he huffed. “I know we have a chemistry test but I din’t think you’d take it this bad, KP!!”

        Kim stopped dead in her tracks. “Wait…we have a chem. test?!”

        “Yeah…first thing…” Ron panted, trying to catch his breath.

        “Who cares? Skip it,” Shego said, checking her nails.

        “Shit!” Kim swore. Ron and Shego blinked. Kim Possible, cheerleader and teen hero was now swearing as fast as she could speak.

        “That’s it. Shego, you are a bad influences!” Ron accused.

        “…And your point is…?” Shego grinned at him.

        “You’re bad!” he yelled.


        Noticing that they were the only two talking, Shego turned around to see what Kim was up to now. And came face to face with two big green eyes. Kim’s bottom lip stuck out and her eyes got watery as she gazed up at Shego.

        Shego tried to fight it, but in the end all her willpower wasn’t enough. Her shoulders slumped.

        “What do you want?” she asked finally.

        “Will you check out the sitch with the movement under the school while I take my chemistry test?” Kim blinked cutely.

        “What?!” Shego squawked. “That’s your job. I’m a villain, not a hero! Nope, no way!!”

        The bottom lip trembled.

        “... Fine! Whatever. Now leave me alone!” Shego crossed her arms over her chest.

        Kim squealed. “Thanks, Shego!” She threw her arms around the villainess in a quick hug and then ran off.

        Ron paused. “You are so whipped,” he chuckled.

        Shego growled and leaped at him with flaming hands.

        “W-ahhh! Kim, help! Sidekick in need!!!” he screamed and took off at speeds not known to man.

        Shego muttered to herself. How the hell did she get stuck with hero duty? Her emerald gaze watched the red head run until she disappeared around the corner of the school. She shook her head and pulled Kim’s communicator from her pocket. She doubted that she even knew it was missing. Shego hit a button and Wade appeared on the little screen.

        “Hey K-” he greeted. “Er…uh, hey, S-Shego. W-where’s Kim?”

        “Taking a chemistry test. I have a question for you…” she began sweetly.

        Wade gulped.

        “How the hell do I get under the school?!”

        “Well…” he hesitated.

        “What? Just spit it out!” Shego was quickly losing interest.

        “There is an intricate sewer system throughout all of Middleton…including under the school…” Wade held his breath for the outburst he knew would come. And it did.

        “Sewer?! Hey, I didn’t sign up for any sewers! Isn’t there a basement or something?” Shego yelled.

        “No…the only thing under Middleton high is the sewers.”

        “Is this really necessary?” she groaned, already knowing the answer.


        She shook her head firmly. “Then no. No, I’m not doing it.”

        Shego picked her way down the tunnel. Garbage and thick liquids that she didn’t even want to know about ran in a thin stream down the center of the tunnel. Wrinkling her nose, the dark haired villain pressed on.

        “She really, really owes me…” Shego muttered to herself. The communicator in her pocket went off. She flicked it on.

        Wade sat motionless on the screen.

        “Well, what do you want?” Shego inquired, annoyed.

        “Sorry, I’m used to Kim always asking what the sitch is. I picked up some more movement. It’s definitely under the school. A little bit ahead of you, actually,” Wade informed her.

        “Great,” Shego grumbled and turned the device off, pocketing it.

        Shego went to work. She silently picked her way forward, close to the wall. A few seconds later, her ears picked up a slight sound ahead of her. She moved closer and dropped into a crouch. The sound had now evolved into a hiss. Brow furrowed, Shego found she could understand the hiss. It was speaking English. Priscilla. Well, she had to take care of Amy’s creation eventually, might as well be now. She crept forward with deadly intent. Rounding a corner, Shego could finally see it.

        It had the body of a black snake, the only problem was that it was nearly too large to fit in the tunnel. Giant snake, riiiight. Under closer inspection, Shego could make out a pair of leathery wings folded on its back, even though it could clearly not fly. Two flittering red eyes lay on either side of its head.

        “Yessss, the green one approachessss…” it hissed.

        So much for the element of surprise. Shego attacked, throwing spheres of green flame at the creature before her. She swore when she realized it was all to no avail, the snake lay unharmed.

        The snake shot forward, its mouth open revealing a pair of long white fangs and a forked tongue. Shego moved to the side at the last moment and slashed at its head. She could hardly maneuver in this closed space though. Placing some distance between them, Shego backed down the tunnel, making her way back to where she had entered the sewers. If she was going to be able to bring this beast down, she needed room to work.

        Her plan fell apart when the snake struck and moved forward at an unforeseen pace. Shego ended up at a full run, the creature not far behind her. She jumped halfway up the ladder and climbed like a monkey up the rest of the way. Shego burst through the opening and rolled onto the ground, breathing in the fresh air. She only paused for a second, then she was on her feet again. Running for the entrance to the school, Shego glanced back and saw DNAmy’s creation coming out of the sewers to follow her, and then she was through the doors. This was not good. She raced down the hallway poking her head into random classrooms. Kim would kill her if she let Priscilla run loose this close to the school when there was a high chance one of her fellow students would be…well, eaten. It would be rather funny though.

        She finally found the right classroom and went skidding in, ignoring the enraged cry from the teacher.

        “What are you doing?!” Kim hissed at her as Shego bodily dragged her out of the room.

        “Priscilla’s out,” Shego informed her.

        “Who’s Priscilla? I was right in the middle of my test!!” Kim yelled, noticing Ron slipping out of the class and running after them.

        “A very big creation of DNAmy’s that’s going to eat some unfortunate student that accidentally comes across her path.”

        “What? All I did was ask you to investigate something and you bring me a giant mutant who could kill us all?!” Kim shrieked in disbelief.

        Then they heard the glass of the school’s entrance door shatter. Before Shego had time to tell Kim anything else, the red head was sprinting off.

        “Why does she always act like the typical hero?! WHY?” Shego yelled at herself and took off after her lover.

        The sight that greeted Shego when she rounded the corner didn’t improve her mood. Her woman was in another man’s lap. Well, and the giant snake was now in the school, but Shego hardly cared. Kim was sitting in Felix’s lap as he whirled around the snake’s head, avoiding the strikes. The raven-haired woman growled and did a small flip landing on Priscilla’s head and sprang off to balance on the edge of the wheelchair.

        “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she screamed.

        “Now is sooo not the time to be jealous Shego!” Kim snorted.

        “Uh girls?” Felix said, still dodging the snake’s attacks.

        “Well, it’s not like you need to be here, Princess!” Shego hissed.

        “Girls!” Felix shouted.

        “What?” they yelled in unison.

        “We are in the middle of a fight with a giant mutated snake. Could this maybe wait for late-” he was cut off when the snake’s wings unfolded and they collided with the leather surface, sending them falling to the ground.

        “AHHHH! Giant snake thingy!” Ron yelled, coming into view. By now, a few of the students began peering out in the hallway to see what the commotion was. One of the girls actually screamed and fainted. 

        “Ron! Get them to stay in the classrooms!” Kim shouted and turned back to the creature. Kim quickly found out that nothing she or Shego were doing was hurting the creature. The skin was much thicker than it appeared, apparently. Shego and Kim were synchronized, working as the perfect team but it wasn’t working.

        “We have to get it outside!” Kim said to Shego as the two of them regrouped for another strike. Shego took off on her own and slashed at what seemed to be the most vulnerable point on the snake’s body—it’s wings. Her green fire proved to be effective. One of the creature’s wings came off with a loud shriek, blood spattering the ground. Shego smirked and returned to Kim’s side.

        “Why did you do that? It’s not its fault!” Kim yelled at her.

        “What do you mean it’s not its fault?!!!” Shego screamed back.

        Kim growled and they split up to attack. As they both sailed through the air aiming a sidekick at its head, the creature whipped its head around suddenly making both women miss their target.

        Shego’s brow furrowed as she looked for the source while Kim’s eyes stayed trained on the snake, ready for its next strike. She noticed Ron and Felix standing off to the right, waving something in the air. Her eyes narrowed. It was… pocky?!?! What the hell were they doing waving pocky around like idiots? It’s the middle of a battle! Apparently it was working though because Priscilla went for the iced sticks like a little puppy. Kim and Shego stared in disbelief as it at the tiny stick from Ron’s hand and…well, ‘purred’ wouldn’t be the right word but it was damned close for a snake.

        Although a nice share of pocky will do wonders for her mood…rang through Shego’s mind unbidden. She vaguely remembered DNAmy saying something about Priscilla and pocky. So…the answer to their giant mutant snakelike creation made by a mad geneticist was…pocky. Wow.

        It was then that the police decided to show up. Cars skidded to a halt in a circle around them and the snake. Priscilla paid no attention however, she had only eyes for the box of pocky in Felix’s lap. Kim sighed and went over to explain to them what had happened and the fact that the rather large creature was harmless so long as they didn’t run out of pocky.

        When questioned about Amy, Kim turned to ask Shego about the villain, but she was nowhere to be found. It seemed that old habits die hard. Not that Kim blamed her though. If the police showed up and saw Shego, assumptions would be made. It wasn’t fair, Shego had helped a lot. Kim grinned. She’d be sure to thank her later. When she was sure that Priscilla wasn’t going to be harmed, but merely shrunk and was to be, of all things, a pet for Professor Alanford, Kim decided to grab Ron and Felix and head home.

        Meanwhile, Shego stood in Kim’s front yard with a small, black remote in her hand. She pressed a few buttons and waited silently. She had unfinished business. She didn’t have to wait long before a black shape could be seen on the horizon. Her small ship landed in the grass next to her and she got in. She went immediately to the consol and pressed in the coordinates she wanted, and then sat back and relaxed for the flight.

        Shego arrived at Drakken’s lair sooner than she expected. Drakken was too dumb to move, so there was no point in researching the new place. After all, Shego had lived with Drakken before she got tired of her stuff getting destroyed every time Kim decided to torch the lair, so she knew Drakken like the back of her hand.

        The dark haired villain walked right in calmly. She knew what she was going to do. After searching a few rooms, Shego finally found Drakken in a small chamber connected to the main room. Leaning against the doorframe, she waited for him to notice her.

        When he did see the villainess, Drakken flew backwards and pressed himself against the far wall in an attempt to get as far away from Shego as possible. He gulped nervously.

        “S-Shego! How have you been?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

        Shego said nothing as she buffed her nails, adding to his apprehension.

        “Would you like some, uh-tea?” he nearly whimpered.

        “You,” Shego pointed at him. “Come here.”

        Drakken swallowed hard and tugged at his collar, but remained where he was.

        “Now!” she barked, igniting her hands.

        Drakken appeared practically out of thin air in front of her.

        “I-uh, hope you didn’t take what I said to heart earlier Shego-”

        “Shove it,” Shego replied and quickly tied the blue skinned man up, grinning evilly the entire time.

        “I’m sorry Shego, honest I am! I’ll double your pay!” Drakken shrieked before she taped his mouth shut. She nonchantly picked her former employer up, threw him over her shoulder and walked out of the lair.

        It took them about a half an hour to reach a small island off the coast. Shego landed her ship and gazed up at the fortress before them. Drakken’s eyes widened and he renewed his efforts to get away. Shego grinned at him, picked him up again and strode confidently up to the door.

        A screen above the door flickered on and Señor Senior Senior’s face appeared.

        “You can stop right there. Do you honestly believe I am stupid enough to allow you into my home?” he asked.

        “Hey, I come in peace. I got something for Junior.” She waited impatiently, a hand on her hip. Senior narrowed his eyes, but the door slid open.

        Shego met him not far from the door. Senior’s eyes glanced to the trussed up Drakken but he said nothing. Finally he spoke.

        “So you truly have come in peace?” he inquired of her.

        “I haven’t come to kill you. Yet.” She bared her teeth at him in a smile.

        Junior entered the room. His face broke into a grin at seeing his former mentor. His grin turned to one of pure delight at seeing Drakken though.

        “You have a gift for me?” asked Junior.

        “I never said ‘gift’. But if you want to purchase a certain blue item from me…” Shego trailed off.

        “Oh father! Can I? Please?!” Junior begged.

        Drakken curled up into a little ball and was in tears.

        “That depends on the price…” Senior replied.

        “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” Shego said, getting faint déjà vu from her words.

        His pride hurt, Senior agreed to buy Drakken. Junior moved forward to collect his prize. Drakken was now clawing at Shego’s legs the best he could while being tied up and pleaded tearfully. Shego checked her nails and ignored him. Junior thanked the villainess.

        “Not at all. I could tell you liked him,” she winked. “Have fun!” She waved at the frantic blue villain being dragged away. She gave Senior a bank account into which he could transfer the money to.

        Her emerald eyes narrowed. “I won’t forget your treachery.”

        “I do nothing that any other villain wouldn’t do. Beware what side you choose, young lady…” Señor Senior warned her.

        The next few days went by without event. Kim convinced Shego not to flay Ron alive for stealing a box of pocky from her while… Kim was entrancing her that day at her place. Shego decided to stay at her old house outside of Middleton. Kim took Norkie, who now lives at the Possible residence and mostly hangs with the tweebs. The tweebs tried to replicate him, but failed. There’s talk about them ‘tweaking’ the A.I.


        As for Ron and Monique…

        Monique closed her locker and resettled her books under her arm. Looking up she found Ron’s brown eyes staring at her.

        “Hey Ron, what’s crackin’?” she asked.

        He rubbed the back of his neck. This, Monique had learned, was a bad thing. She mentally braced herself.

        “Monique, we need to talk,” he began.

        “Okay,” she shrugged. “What’s up?”

        “Well, it’s…about us.” He looked down at the floor and then back up at her.


        “Well…see…I…” Ron stammered.

        Taking pity on him, Monique took his chin between her fingers to make him look at her.

        “Do you want to break up with me?” she asked calmly.

        Guilt washed over his face. “It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just-”

        “Look, Ron, it’s fine,” Monique said.

        “-that I’m not sure about things, and-”

        “Ron, it’s fine.”

        “I don’t know what to do, so-”

        “Ron!” she yelled, getting him to shut up. “It’s cool. I’m fine with it. We’re not really going anywhere anyways.”

        Ron relaxed. “Are you sure?”

        “Yes,” she said firmly. “So how come?”

        “How come what?”

        Monique suddenly had the nearly uncontrollable urge to smack him.

        “Why are we breaking up?” she spelled it out for him. “Is there some sexy someone you’ve got your eye on?” she teased him, nudging him with her elbow.

        “Well…” he trailed off.

        “Aha! Okay, spill boy!” She grinned widely.

        “I don’t now,” Ron said finally.

        “What do you mean you don’t know? Either she is or isn’t hot. Either you are or are not attracted. What’s the big deal?” Monique said, perplexed.

        “I…I don’t know if the other party’s attracted to me,” he confessed.

        “Since when has that bothered you any other time?” she laughed.

        “Hey!” Ron said, an annoyed expression on his face.

        Monique chuckled. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Big deal, you’ll win ‘em over!” Monique encouraged. “ But you do have someone in mind. Who is it?”

        “Well…” Ron looked Monique in the eyes, seriously. “Felix.”



[End notes:

Okay, so yes, this means I was planning on a sequel. Planned pairings were Kim/Shego and Ron/Felix. Since this is a yuri/shoujo-ai website, I wasn't planning on posting it unless someone really wants me to.


Hope you all enjoyed the story! 


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