Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 11)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11


        A huge explosion startled the two awake. Bits of metal flew through the air around them and dust filled the room, making it nearly impossible to see. Needless to say, Kim and Shego were awake a split second later. Shego was in a crouch, attempting to peer through the impenetrable dust while Kim was on her feet in a fighting stance. Once the red head realized the danger wasn’t imminent, she scrambled for her clothes. Shego was a step behind her. The villain had her clothes on in an instant, but she had to wait for Kim to finish dressing. Kim held up her ruined bra, her eyebrow twitching. Shego purposely looked the other way, avoiding looking at the irritated hero. With a sigh, Kim pulled on her shirt.

        Out of nowhere, something flew through the air and attached itself to Kim’s face. The teen fell backwards and tried to pry it off while screaming. Shego was kneeling beside her instantly but instead of helping, Kim could hear her…laughing? Shego had tears running down her face and was temporarily immobilized by her laughter. Kim’s face had sprouted a green fur ball. Norkie purred and lovingly rubbed itself on Kim’s face.

        When Shego had started laughing Kim knew it wasn’t going to hurt her. But she was still annoyed at the other girl for not helping. It was…embarrassing. She tried working her fingers between herself and the A.I., but to no avail.

        Finally Shego managed to get her laughing under control. She had spent more time with the little creature than Kim had, and she had had to figure this problem out a while ago. Shego stroked her fingers through the green fur and petted the A.I. It released its hold on Kim and crawled over onto Shego’s shoulder. She continued to pet it and it purred back at her.

        Once the thing was off her face, Kim could now identify her attacker as Norkie. How the hell did Norkie get here? Last she knew, it was at Shego’s place. As if on cue, the villainess reached her hand out and softly stroked Kim’s hair. Against her mind’s consent, her entire body relaxed. Shego smirked at her and dropped her hand. When Shego’s hand quit petting her hair, Kim was finally alert again.

        “What was that about?” she asked.

        “Oh, nothing.” Shego grinned.

        “Yeah, this is all nice and everything, but shouldn’t we go now?” Kim said, pointing at the giant hole in the wall Norkie had destroyed.

        The two girls jumped through the hole and ran off. After navigating through some hallways, more like guessing which way to go, they got lucky and found an exit.

        Shego paused.

        “Shego, come on!” Kim urged.

        “Something isn’t right. This was too easy. It makes no sense for them to lock us up, and then leave. And if they’re still here, why aren’t they stopping us?” Shego fumed and paced.

        “Wait a minute…who’s ‘they’?” Kim looked perplexed. “I thought we were dealing with Monkey Fist?”

        “No, all the villains. Killigan, Monkey Fist, DNAmy, Dementor…Drakken,” Shego said finally. She explained what had happened at Drakken’s lair.

        “Shego…” Kim reached out for the other girl’s hand. Shego brushed it away.

        “It was best. It works to my advantage anyway. The Seniors are in on it too. But Junior isn’t so sure. We may have an ally there…” she trailed off. “Anyway, this was too easy. I want to look around and see what’s keeping them.”

        “Then I’ll go with you,” Kim said simply.

        “No.” Kim’s face fell. “I mean, I work better alone. It’s the way I’m used to working. Besides, if your parents find out you’re gone, they’ll kill you.”

        “Damn. You’re right.” Kim’s brow furrowed. “Are you sure you’ll be all right?”

        “You’re asking the best super villain in the world if she can handle a simple infiltration?” Shego smirked.

        “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Meet me in my room when you’re done,” Kim said.

        “Be careful,” Shego said seriously.

        “Aw, I didn’t know you cared.”

        “No, I mean it. If they’re not here, they may check your house,” Shego suggested.

        Kim’s eyes widened. “They wouldn’t-”

        “They would. Not everyone has the rules that I do. Don’t ever forget it,” Shego told her.

        Kim nodded. “I’ll wait for you. Don’t be too long.”

        They split ways and didn’t look back.

        Shego slinked silently down the hallways until she found a vent and flipped up through the small tunnel. She had to suppress a sneeze as she stealthily crawled onwards. For once she’d like to see a place with a clean air system.

        After a while the sound of voices could be heard. Shego moved closer to hear better.

        “What do you mean she escaped?!” she could hear Drakken exclaim.

        “That wee little thing?” Killigan asked. “I didn’t think she was smart enough.”

        Shego’s hands curled into fists and it took all her willpower not to drop into the room and kill them all.

        “Hey! All my experiments are more intelligent than you could guess, sir!” DNAmy yelled.

        “Well why did it run away?” Drakken asked.


        “Okay, so it was a dumb question!” he huffed. Shego rolled her eyes.

        The door slammed open and Monkey Fist came bursting through. “She’s escaped!”

        “News flash: we know!” Professor Dementor said.

        “No, no. Shego! And Kim Possible!”

        “Shego…escaped…” Drakken curled up into a little ball. Shego grinned ferally. “She’s going to kill me!” 

        “Oh shut up. Let’s find the experiment first. It’s the only thing that we have at this moment. Kim Possible won’t come after us, it’s not her style. As for Shego…watch your back. It’s hard to predict what she’ll do,” Monkey Fist warned.

        “She’s going to kill us all!” Drakken whimpered.

        “Pull yerself together, man!” Killigan yelled. “We have to get that wee snake thingy!”

        “It’s a snake and bat mix thank you!” DNAmy defended her creation. “Priscilla’s very temperamental, so you have to get it right! Although a nice share of pocky will do wonders for her mood…” Aha, so that was why Drakken wanted to raid that place in Japan. When he had come to her with another of his harebrained schemes, Shego didn’t ask. In fact, she didn’t want to know. She just did it to shut him up.

        “Priscilla,” Shego mouthed and curled her lip. What kind of a name for a mutant is Priscilla? Even Spike would be better than that!

        The villains were getting off track and started babbling, so Shego crept backwards and slowly left them to whatever they were doing. She had learned two very important things: they were going to leave Kim be for the moment and that there was some freaky experiment of Amy’s running loose that was eventually going to be sent after her. Great. She wondered briefly if that was what she had felt watching them at the mall…

        Shego silently exited the building and made her way off into the dark of the early morning.

        Meanwhile Kim sat on her bed, unable to sit still. She fidgeted, chewed on her lip and finally ended up pacing quietly from one end of her room to the other. Norkie’s large dark eyes followed her slim form silently. The A.I. had decided the top of her computer was the safest place in the room.

        Shego was intelligent, athletic and more than capable of taking care of herself, not to mention the greatest super villain in the known world. Kim bit her lip and continued to pace. She paused when her ears picked up a sound in the kitchen. Shego’s warning flashed through her mind. It could be any of the villains come to look for her.

        Kim sneaked downstairs and around the corner. Noticing a light coming from the kitchen, she headed for it. Someone was rifling through the fridge, but the door blocked her view. Kim never thought, she just reacted. She flipped up over the door and spun around to face her attacker. Who currently had her head in between rows of food, searching through things and not interested in the red head’s theatrics.

        “Hey Kimmie, do you have any chocolate pudding? Aha! Never mind.” Shego pulled out a bowl and pried the lid off with her fingernails.

        “Shego!” Kim squealed and hugged the villain tightly. When she pulled back, Shego looked perplexed. It didn’t help matters that she froze with her finger in her mouth, sucking off pudding. Kim grinned at her startled look.

        “What was that for?” she asked.

        “Nothing,” Kim grinned and stole the pudding away from Shego.

        “Hey, not the pudding! Don’t you be messing with my chocolate!!” Shego leaped for the red head. Kim curled her body protectively around the sought after treasure, while Shego attempted to steal it back.

        That was when the lights came on. When light flooded the room, the two girls froze in a rather compromising position. Shego practically had herself wrapped all around Kim, her face buried in her neck and her hands were worked under Kim’s arms. Kim’s heart stopped in her chest as she turned to see who it was, praying that it wouldn’t be her mother.

        And her prayers were answered. Jim and Tim stood in the doorway with some sort of device in their hands. Time only seemed to freeze for a moment, and then the tweebs broke it.

        “Get her!” they shouted and sprung at Shego. The villainess released Kim and went into a defensive stance.

        Kim suddenly appeared between them and Shego. “Touch her and DIE tweebs!” she growled.

        The boys skidded to a halt, their eyes big. “Whoah, quit PMSing sis!”

        “What is going on in here?!” Mr. Possible asked his kids, coming into the room. Everyone but Shego jumped.

        “She was attacking Kim!” Jim and Tim piped up.

        “So not!” Kim retorted.

        Kim’s father peered at Shego. “Who are you? You look kind of familiar…”

        “She’s one of my friends. She’s staying the night,” Kim replied quickly.

        Mr. Possible frowned. “Well so long as she’s not one of those boys…” he muttered. “But you have to clear this with us from now on, okay?”

        “Okay, Dad!”

        “Tim, Jim - to bed,” he ordered, walking off mumbling something about boys.

        Kim turned to Shego, grinning. Shego smiled and walked past her, snatching up the forgotten pudding on her way past and took off running for Kim’s bedroom with Kim in hot pursuit.

        Closing the door quietly, Kim turned to find a grinning Shego lying on her bed, eating the pudding. She rolled her eyes at the older girl and flopped down on the bed next to her. Shego made a contented noise and curled up around the red head.

        “So…this has been bugging me…” Kim began. Shego fixed her gaze on Kim’s face. “Why?! Why did it have to be chocolate? Why not vanilla or strawberry or something?”

        Shego blinked. “You’re bugging me because I wanted chocolate pudding?”

        “Uh…maybe? Yes? No? Okay, I’m just going to shut up now…” Kim flustered.

        “You’re cute,” Shego grinned.

        “I am not cute. I may be sweet and too nice, but I am not cute,” Kim stated firmly.

        “You’re cute.”

        Kim growled in frustration. She dipped her finger into the pudding bowl and touched the tip of Shego’s nose. Shego crossed her eyes so she could see the pudding on her nose. Kim giggled at her.

        “You’re cute,” Kim said and leaned forward to lick the little bit of pudding off her nose.

        “No, I’m sexy.” Shego gave Kim a look that melted her to her toes. Kim had to try twice before she could find her voice.

        “Yes, you are,” she said finally. Shego grinned and moved closer, leaving her mouth close enough to feel the feather light brush of the other girl’s lips.

        “We have proved the masses wrong…” Shego’s tongue flicked out and traced Kim’s bottom lip. “We can agree on something.”

        Shego pressed their lips together and kissed Kim gently, lovingly. A soft play of tongues that made Kim’s heart flutter.

        The dark haired woman pulled back when she felt Kim try to pull her closer. Kim blinked at her.

        “What’s wrong?” she asked.

        “We really shouldn’t do this with your parents so close,” Shego said.

        Kim flushed. She’d forgotten where they were. Shego had to suppress a smile at the teen’s eagerness.

        “Besides,” Shego said, snuggling up closer. “Even the great Kim possible needs to sleep.” She shifted. Frowning, she asked, “What the hell am I laying on?” She reached under her and pulled out a stuffed animal. The look on Shego’s face was almost comical.

        “Ahem, I-uh, that’s my pandaroo…” Kim trailed off as she buried her face in Shego’s hair to hide her embarrassment.

        Shego smiled. “Like I said…cute.”

        Kim made an annoyed face, grabbed her Cuddle Buddy and rolled over so her back was facing the villain. Unperturbed, Shego wrapped her arms around Kim’s waist and fell asleep breathing in the scent of her hair.



        The door slammed open, causing Kim to nearly attach herself to the ceiling. Jim and Tim stood in the doorway, dressed for school with Norkie in their hands. How did they get Norkie? He was…Kim shook her head.

        “TWEEBS!” she yelled and flung a hairbrush at them. They dodged it easily and stuck their tongues out.

        “Mom says she wants you up,” Tim announced and they raced off. Kim blinked and felt behind her to wake Shego up, but found nothing. Kim heard a small sound coming from the floor on the other side of the bed. Peering over, Kim found Shego lying on her back on the floor motionless, staring up at the ceiling.

        “What are you doing down there?” she asked.

        Shego fixed her with a death glare. “I’m used to the bed being on the floor.” Kim played with that in her head. She could see Shego go rolling off the bed when the tweebs came in. Kim laughed at the image and helped Shego off the floor.

        “So what’s the agenda?” she asked and brushed herself off.

        “First thing…” Kim paused. A shower. She could just SEE Shego’s eyes light up at that idea. “I need to take a shower,” Kim said stressing the I.

        “You need to go to school and we both need a shower,” Shego grinned. “So it would take less time if we took a shower together.”

        Kim couldn’t think of a response to that so she gave in and walked off to the bathroom with Shego in tow. Once inside, the two girls stripped. On her way into the shower, Kim was pulled back against Shego’s warm, naked body and the older girl traced her ear with her tongue.

        “If you even think about turning the cold water on me, I’ll flay you alive,” she warned.

        Kim grinned. “I wouldn’t dream of it, dear.”

        The shower went on mostly uneventful since they didn’t have enough time for something more. Kim finished before the older girl since Shego had to take more time to wash all of her hair. Standing in front of the mirror toweling off, Kim got a wicked idea when her communicator sounded. Kim left Shego in the shower, wrapped a towel around her body and dashed to her room to answer it.

        “What’s the sitch, Wade?” she asked automatically.

        “Hey Kim. Uh, bad time?” Wade inquired, looking at her towel.

        “Not at all, I just got out. What’s up?” Kim replied as she set the communicator face down on the desk to dress.

        “Well I’ve been getting mixed readings all day. Apparently there’s some kind of motion under the city but it ends up cutting off before I can get a good look. It’s going to drive me crazy,” he told her.

        Kim picked up the communicator back up when she was fully dressed. “Do you want me to check it out?” She walked downstairs and headed for the other bathroom.

        “I don’t know yet…” he hesitated. Kim flushed the toilet and headed back upstairs to her room.

        “Uh…what are you doing?” Wade asked, perplexed.

        “Nothing,” Kim replied innocently.

        “KIMBERLY ANN POSSIBLE!!!” Shego flung the door open and stood there, soaking wet and pissed off to no end.

        “Um, h-hey S-Shego,” Wade greeted, his eyes huge as he stared at Shego’s dripping, naked body.

        Shego growled. “KIM!”

        “I didn’t do it!” she protested.

        Shego’s hands were engulfed in green flame. “You dare to flush the toilet on me while I’m in the shower?!”

        “Kim!” Wade said seriously. “I’m picking up on it again! Whatever it is, it’s big and it’s moving under the school…argh. I lost it again.”

        “Well, let’s check it out then,” Shego said, coming up behind Kim.

        “I-I, uh…s-sure, i-if y-you want-t t-to…” Wade stammered when Shego spoke up.

        Shego said nothing but wrapped herself around the teen hero.

        “Ack, get off. You’re all wet!” Kim made a face. Shego snuggled closer and rubbed her cheek against the red head’s.

        “Payback’s a bitch,” she murmured in her ear.

        “Literally,” Kim said.

        “We’re on it Wade. I’m headed that way anyways.”

        “I’ll tell Ron for you.”

        “Please and thank you, Wade!”

        “S-sure, no p-problem.”

        Shego grinned and leaned closer to the screen. “Bye, nerdlinger.”

        Wade gulped and was gone.

        “Shego! Why do you always have to tease?” Kim asked, exasperated.

        The villainess tucked a piece of wet hair behind her ear. “Because I can.” Then she pounced on Kim. “Teasing what I do, Princess,” she murmured and made as if to kiss Kim but paused. “Do you want a kiss?” she asked, tracing the line of stomach peeking out below Kim’s shirt.

        “Yes…” Kim breathed.

        Shego moved closer. “Too bad you had to flush the toilet on me!”

        Kim growled in annoyance.



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