Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 10)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 10

[Author's notes: Yay for finally having a reason for the MA rating!]

Chapter 10



        Kim awoke to sore muscles and a numb side. Once she managed to crack an eye open, Kim remembered where she was. Same old cell, nothing new. A noise made the teen look over at Shego. Dark hair framed her pale face and her knees were pulled up to her chest, making her appear fragile and innocent. Kim had to stop herself from snorting. If anything, Shego was NOT innocent or fragile.

        Shego’s body twitched violently, causing Kim to refocus on reality. Looking closer, Kim could see a distressed expression on the other girl’s face. Since Shego didn’t seem to be physically hurting, Kim figured it was a bad dream.

        Without even thinking about it, Kim crawled over to her arch foe. Approaching her back, it seemed as if the raven-haired woman before her curled up even more. Kim kneeled over her and gazed down at Shego. She smoothed Shego’s dark tresses away from her face and inspected every inch of her face. All the lines had softened, making her appear younger. Her dark eyelashes contrasted starkly with the paleness of her face. Shego was naturally pale, but now she looked white as paper. The only color on her face was the dark lipstick she wore. Before she could stop herself, Kim lightly traced those lips with her finger. Shego’s expression softened. Kim sighed, thinking of how angry the villainess had been earlier.

        Kim lay down on the cold floor at Shego’s back and wrapped her arms around the other girl. She snuggled closer until their bodies were pressed together, warmth seeping into her bones again. Kim breathed in the scent of Shego’s hair as she slowly drifted to sleep. She buried her face in Shego’s hair and back, refusing to cry.

        “I don’t want to lose you…” Kim breathed quietly as she slipped off to sleep again.

        Unknown to her, the corners of Shego’s mouth curled up into a little smile.

        Kim yawned and cracked an eye open. Green filled her eyesight. She blinked and moved her face away and refocused. Ahh, it was a green clad shoulder. Wait a minute…Kim froze. She was wrapped around a warm body. A very warm, very feminine body. Kim had her arms around Shego, while her head had been cradled in the older girl’s neck. Shego had rolled over while she slept so now the two girls were face to face. Kim’s body burned where their bodies met and her face flamed when she realized Shego’s breasts were pressed against her own. The red head held very still, not wanting to wake the woman wrapped around her. She lifted her head to see if she could make out Shego’s face. Emerald eyes glittered back at her. Shego watched the teen calmly, not moving. Whether it was because she couldn’t with Kim attached to her or didn’t want to, Kim wasn’t sure. Shego lifted her hand from Kim’s hip to brush a lock of red hair away from Kim’s face.

        “Oh,” was all Kim could say to the intensity of those eyes. Shego didn’t reply, she merely rolled half onto her back, propping herself up on an elbow and stared thoughtfully at the ceiling. Kim didn’t miss the fact that she kept the line of their bodies touching. Shego ran her foot up and down Kim’s calf lazily. Kim studied the profile of the woman before her.

        “What are you thinking of?” Kim finally asked.

        “Our next move,” Shego never took her eyes off the ceiling.

        “So you’re not mad at me anymore? We’re still…” Kim fumbled over the word ‘girlfriends’. “friends?”

        Kim swore Shego’s eyes went right through her.

        “I was referring to the trap we’re in. Our escape.”

        “Oh…” Kim practically deflated before Shego’s eyes. The villain smiled inwardly.

        “But no,” she added. “I’m not mad at you. And I’d say we’re a bit more than…friends,” she said with a grin. Then she proceeded to lean over and trace Kim’s ear with her tongue, her hand brushing back her red hair. Kim’s body warmed immediately at Shego’s touch. “I want to hear you say it,” Shego purred in her ear.

        Kim gulped. “Say what?”

        “That I’m your girlfriend.” See? So simple right?

        “W-why?” Kim stammered as Shego moved her lips down to her neck, making it harder to think.

        “Because I want you to say it. And it’ll make me happy. Isn’t that enough?” Shego pulled back and gave Kim a level look, waiting.

        “I-uh, I’m your g-g-” Kim fumbled again. Shego waited patiently. Kim took a deep breath and calmed herself. “I’m your girlfriend.”

        Shego smiled. “And?”

        “And…you’re my girlfriend,” Kim said, proud of herself.

        A grin appeared on Shego’s pale face. In fact, she practically started purring. “Very good. Now- what?”

        Kim was leaning forward and peering at her. Without warning, her hand shot forward and yanked open the top of Shego’s shirt. Shego locked her muscles to keep from attacking, as her reflexes screamed at her to do. Instead, she smirked.

        “If you wanted me to strip all you had to do was ask,” Shego whispered seductively.

        Instead of blushing, Kim stuck her tongue out. She grinned wickedly as she moved closer to Shego’s smooth skin; the older girl’s expression took on a startled look. Shego licked her lips in anticipation.

        Kim bypassed her lips entirely. She chuckled at the annoyed look she got. Pulling the collar away from Shego’s neck, Kim immediately noticed the dark marks on the side of her neck. Kim traced the markings with her fingers. Shego’s eyelids drooped and Kim felt Shego’s entire body relax as if she’d hit a switch. Only then did she realize that the marks were teeth marks. Her teeth marks. Kim pulled back.

        “I’m so sorry…” she whispered.

        Shego blinked. “Why?”

        “I-I bit you,” Kim said.

        “I asked you to. I liked it.” Shego shrugged and laid her head on Kim’s arm.

        “Why?” Kim really didn’t get it.

        “Because it’s your mark. I’m yours now,” Shego said simply, exasperation edged her voice.


        “Just shut up, Princess.”

        Kim stuck her tongue out at the other girl.

        “Ooooh, invitation!” Shego grinned.

        The tongue disappeared.

        “Aww,” but the smile was still there. “We should really find a way out of here…”

        “What? You don’t like spending time with me all of the sudden?” Kim said, raising an eyebrow.

        Before Kim could blink, Shego had her effectively pinned to the floor. Shego gripped Kim’s wrist and slowly slid them up above her head, as she moved her face close to the red head’s. Kim’s breath caught somewhere in the back of her throat and she was finding it impossible to form coherent thoughts with Shego’s hips grinding into hers. Shego captured her mouth without waiting for permission, her other hand coming down to bury itself in Kim’s hair.

        Kim’s senses reeled as Shego plundered her mouth, while the villain restrained herself from tearing Kim’s pajama top right off her body. Instead, she slipped it off and instantly her mouth was back on Kim’s neck, taking small, gentle bites. Kim groaned and wrapped her legs around Shego’s waist. Shego grinned at the teenager’s enthusiasm. At this point, Shego had to relinquish control of Kim’s wrists so she could move lower. The instant she let go, Kim’s hands delved into the other girl’s dark hair.

        Shego inspected her opposition carefully. Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the black bra before her. She never hesitated. Her finger touched where the cups of her bra connected and burned right through it. Shego then decided to take the rest off with her teeth. Kim made a sound close to a growl when she felt Shego’s teeth graze her shoulder.

        Lust burned around the edges of Kim’s green eyes. Shego paused to admire her handiwork. Kim’s breasts were now bared, her nipples hardening by the second. She lay there panting, her chest rising with every breath she took, a light sheen of sweat making her skin seem to glow. Shego grinned wickedly as she dove in, but was pulled up short when Kim shifted her weight, causing the two of them to roll over.

        Kim straddled Shego’s waist and smirked at the villainess. She leaned down and forward, moving her breasts closer to Shego’s face. Shego, unable to ignore the blatant invitation, sat up to take a nipple into her mouth. When she did, Kim leaned backwards, keeping her breasts out of range of Shego’s questing mouth. Shego blinked and propped herself up on her elbows. Kim teased her again and, like before, pulled away from Shego’s mouth.

        “Damn tease,” Shego growled and shot forward faster than Kim had anticipated and succeeded in taking one of Kim’s pink nipples into her mouth. She suckled on it hard then pulled back and blew over the peak causing the nipple to tighten and Kim to moan, her hands buried in Shego’s black tresses. She then quickly flicked the tip of her tongue over her nipple rapidly. Kim gasped at the new sensation flooding her senses and instinctively grinded her hips down onto Shego.

        It was then that Kim decided Shego was wearing too much clothing. She ached to be able to touch her pale, smooth skin. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of her top as she attempted to focus long enough to get her rival unclothed. Foiled and impatient, Kim finally ripped the top, sending buttons flying. She had to work around Shego, seeing as how the older girl refused to let go of her breast. Not that the red head minded. Not at all.

        Shego wiggled out of her top and Kim attacked. Her hands found Shego’s breasts immediately as her tongue flicked out to touch the darker haired woman’s lips. Until the day she died, Kim would always love the way Shego tasted. She teased Shego’s lips until Shego’s tongue touched hers.

        “Yessss…” Shego hissed as Kim rolled her nipple between her fingers. Kim nibbled her way up and down the pale skin of Shego’s neck and licked the hollow of her throat as the other girl fumbled with Kim’s pants. It took some maneuvering, but Kim was finally clothed in only her black panties.

        “Nice choice,” Shego said looking at the panties, or lack thereof. Kim merely rolled her eyes as she shoved Shego back onto the floor. She dragged her tongue slowly down Shego’s body to her navel and dipped underneath the pant line causing the older girl to squirm. Kim deftly undid the button and pulled down the zipper with her teeth, all the while her eyes trained on Shego’s emerald gaze.

        “How the- how did…” Shego began.

        Kim roughly bit down on her stomach. “Don’t ask.” Since Shego was currently writhing underneath her, she wasn’t about to argue. Shego panted and stared intensely at the red head currently pulling off her pants. She started to crawl towards Kim.

        Kim’s eyes narrowed. “Sit down,” she ordered firmly.

        Shego blinked and lay back, propped up on her elbows. She smirked seductively up at her lover as she rubbed her thighs together, causing Kim to watch her. Kim tried to burn the sexy image into her mind.

        “Are you going to sit there and stare at me all day or what?”

        Kim grinned and crawled over to Shego on all fours. She kissed the older girl passionately, tugging on her bottom lip as they parted. Shego drew her hands down the younger girl’s sides and cupped her ass. Kim pried Shego’s hands off her so she could slide down her body. She pulled Shego’s panties partly down using her teeth and then dragged her nails over Shego’s hips causing her to shiver and pull them the rest of the way off.

        Not really sure, but certainly willing to learn, Kim drew a wet line with her tongue up Shego’s thigh, bypassing her pussy and nibbled her way down the other. At this point, Shego was having trouble being patient. She wanted nothing more than to yank Kim’s head down and clamp her thighs around it. Shego settled for squirming and moaning instead.

        “Please…” escaped Shego’s lips.

        Looking up the line of her soft, pale body, Kim grinned cheekily. “What was that?”

        Shego’s eyes burned with impatience, but she remained silent.

        “Come on, I’m not going to do it unless you say it…” Kim teased.

        Shego finally lost all patience. She got up and flipped Kim over so that the red head was on her back, then she crawled up the length of her body so she was right on top of her. Shego’s knee parted Kim’s legs as she kissed the teen mercilessly. Kim couldn’t think as she battled against Shego’s tongue. Grinding against Shego’s thigh, Kim pinched one of Shego’s nipples making the other girl hiss and arch. Kim felt as if she was afire. Shego knew exactly how to play Kim’s body. And she did.

        Kim nearly screamed and bit her tongue when Shego slipped a hand between them to draw her nails along her wet panties. Shego played with the edge of her underwear contemplatively. Was she really that evil? Hell yes.

        “Now say ‘please’.” She smirked at the panting teen. Kim swallowed a scream of frustration.

        “Damn you to the lowest level of hell,” Kim fumed. Her body ached for Shego’s touch, but her pride would never allow her to beg.

        Shego chuckled and kissed Kim with an amazing amount of gentleness. She caressed her lips and asked. It left Kim breathless and astounded.

        “Please…” Shego whispered against her silken lips.

        It only took Kim a second to respond. She rolled them over so Kim lay half on Shego’s heated body and half next to her. Snaking her hand down Shego’s body, Kim nibbled along the big muscle in her neck. Shego shivered and cupped Kim’s breasts in her hands, working them with her fingers.

        Kim traced a lazy circle around Shego’s belly button before going lower. She ran her fingers through Shego’s dark curls and grinded the heel of her hand downward on Shego’s mound causing the villain to moan loudly. Kim dipped two fingers into her wet opening and pumped them in and out. Shego moaned and flexed her hips in time with Kim’s thrusting. The red head dipped her tongue in and around the bite mark on Shego’s neck, the older girl arching her neck to give Kim better access. Kim flicked her thumb over Shego’s clit and she shuddered, ignoring the urge to bite down on the younger girl’s shoulder.

        “Yessss…ahhh…right there…” Shego moaned. Kim could tell she was close. She added another finger and pumped faster, circling her thumb around the Shego’s clit.

        “So close…come on Kimmie…” Shego was practically crushing Kim’s shoulder. Kim was sure there would be a bruise there by tomorrow but right now she didn’t care. She pressed herself closer to the raven-haired woman and gently bit her shoulder.

        “Bite…” Shego growled, breathless.

        Kim pulled back. “But I already bit you…”

        “Bite me, damnit!” Shego ordered.

        Simultaneously Kim bit down on the soft skin where Shego’s neck met her shoulder and rubbed her thumb over her clit, sending Shego over the edge.

        Screaming Kim’s name, she spasmed and clamped her thighs around Kim’s hand. Kim waited until the spasms subsided and Shego quieted. She brushed a lock of dark hair from Shego’s forehead and removed her soaked hand from between her legs.

        In a matter of seconds Shego again, had that look in her eye. Kim couldn’t see it because she was busy kissing the new bite mark, so needless to say she was surprised when she felt her lover’s soft lips on her collarbone. Shego’s mouth moved south pausing to rapidly flick her tongue over Kim’s nipples and nibble on the underside of her breasts. A small sound escaped Kim’s lips and Shego returned to making her way south. The silken feeling of Shego’s lips and body were driving Kim wild. It didn’t help that Shego seemed to know exactly what buttons to push.

        Shego was actually teasing Kim on purpose. She drew her tongue down Kim’s taut belly and flicked her tongue out and around the dragon piercing in Kim’s bellybutton. Kim hissed and Shego felt her muscles tense. Apparently it was still painful, so Shego bypassed it. Tracing her fingers along the inside of Kim’s thighs, Shego licked and kissed the shallow dip under her navel. She nipped the skin off to the side, knowing that it was a soft erogenous zone. The bite was designed to send tingles over the area and spark nerve endings to warm the entire body. The effect it had on Kim was astronomical. Kim growled and looked down her body to Shego. She rolled the two of them over and kissed Shego hard enough to bruise, roughly shoving her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. Shego’s eyes were slightly unfocused when she finally pulled away. Kim moved up Shego’s pale body and put her knees on either side of her head, presenting Shego with her core.

        “So demanding…” Shego murmured, unable to tear her eyes from the junction of Kim’s legs. Contrary to what the needy woman on top of her wanted, Shego’s playful nature would not be denied. She used lips, teeth and tongue up Kim’s thigh, teasing the red head for all she was worth. Ignoring Kim’s opening, Shego traveled down the opposite side, copying her earlier ministrations. If anything, by skipping the one place she was frantic to be touched, Kim felt herself become crazy. She wanted to be touched. She needed to be touched. Her body felt so tight that it was on the brink of pain.

        “Shego, please!” she pleaded. “I…I…” Her mind didn’t want to work. It was all too much.

        Shego took pity on her. She hadn’t really meant to bring her to the breaking point, she just wanted to tease her. Shego dropped all pretenses of playfulness and attacked Kim’s pussy with a vengeance. She knew exactly what buttons to push and held them on. Shego had to hold Kim’s hips to steady her writhing body. Kim’s world shattered as she came violently and unexpectedly. Shego waited until the right moment, then unfurled her tongue inside Kim, causing her to cum again. Kim writhed and spasmed, her muscles clenched as tight as they could, while Shego happily licked up her juices. A minute later, Kim regained an idea of who she was and could move. She crawled off of Shego’s face, but instead of the nice docile Kimmie Shego was expecting, Kim pounced on the villain and kissed her passionately. After Shego was driven breathless by Kim’s fervor, the red head moved lower down Shego’s body.


        Three hours later…

        Shego rolled over onto her back, panting heavily, her pale body covered in sheen of sweat. She tucked a piece of sweaty hair behind her ear and looked down at the red head curled up against her body. Kim had a leg intertwined with Shego’s and her cheek rested on the other girl’s shoulder. She looked innocent. Well, as innocent as she could look when she was sweaty and naked curled up next to her arch foe anyway. Kim snaked an arm around Shego’s waist, pulling herself closer and opened her eyes to see Shego…sleeping. Kim couldn’t exactly blame the older girl so she suppressed the flash of annoyance. She’d tease her for it later. With a smile, Kim slowly nodded off to sleep.



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