Story: Realizing Truths (chapter 1)

Authors: Rin Leonhart

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Kim Possible characters, so don’t sue me. However, if someone wishes to sell them to me.... We can make a deal :) And let’s just say... my episodes wouldn’t be PG.


**Author Notes:

This story is pre - 4th season of Kim Possible, before the directors decided to put Kim & Ron in a relationship.

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Chapter 1


        Sighing, the red headed teen hero flopped gracelessly onto her bed and lay there staring up at her ceiling. She glared, squinted and made a number of faces that would have had Ron falling on the floor in tears but none of it helped. Today had to be the worst day ever. Kim rolled onto her side and glanced at her clock. Was it really 2 a.m. already?

        “Argh!” Kim growled and flipped over onto her stomach to think about what had happened.

* * *

        The sound of her communicator ripped through her thoughts of Latin homework and had her on her feet in an instant.

        “What’s the sitch?” she said without thinking. Wade appeared on the little screen. Computers and technical gadgets were still jammed all over his little room. Seriously, when was the boy going to get out of his room? Even if it was for food? Kim wondered briefly if he had a bathroom in his room or if he had to leave it to go relieve himself. She would have to ask him that later.

        “We have a robbery in progress over at the Fieldbrook mansion. Sorry but it can’t wait.” Wade started typing furiously on his keyboard. “I’ll hook you up.”

        “Thanks, Wade.” Kim said with a smile and clicked offline. She quickly stripped and changed into her black shirt and cargo pants for a mission. Stuffing her communicator into her back pocket, she was out the door in less than 1.2 minutes.

        Off in the distance Kim noticed a bumbling figure running down the street towards her that could only be Ron. With a hand on her hip she waited for him to reach her. Huffing, he ran straight up to her and stopped only when his arm was on her shoulder to keep him from falling down.

        “I take it Wade kept you up to date?” she said with a smile. Before he could answer, a black little car screeched to a halt before them. It was built low to the ground and looked similar to a Corvette, something looked off.... No mirrors. Ah, that was it.

        Kim pressed her forehead to the glass and peered inside. There were seats like a normal car, but no steering wheel. No shift. How was she supposed to drive this? Motion caught her eye. A little screen was situated right underneath the AC and CD player. On the screen was a grinning Wade. Figures. It was one of his toys. Kinda cool.

        She and Ron hopped in the car and it sped off before Kim even had a chance to say hi to Wade. He seemed to be concentrating on his keyboard in front of him, probably steering the vehicle they were sitting in, so Kim wisely decided not to break his concentration. After all the dangerous, hair-raising stunts she had pulled so far, it would really suck to die in a car crash. It didn’t take long at all to reach Upperton and the Fieldbrook mansion.

        Mr. Edward Fieldbrook was a rather odd bank manager who seemed to hate Kim Possible. She had no clue whatsoever as to why, but hey whatever floats his boat. Fieldbrook mansion was big, even for a mansion. Turrets looked as if they would touch the sky and roof looked like it could scrape the heavens. It’d be perfect timing for a flash of lightning in the background, Kim thought as they approached the huge iron gate.

        Ron nudged his pocket and Rufus stuck his head out, nodded and scuttled for the little control box on the other side. It brought back memories of her first mission. They’d only been kids back then but it was still fun. That was back when Ron had first gotten Rufus and Kim was a little creeped out by the little thing. Rufus had proven invaluable to the team though, and she loved him like a part of the family.

        “Hey Ron, doesn’t this bring back--” Kim started.

        “Kim.” Ron turned to her looking serious. He rubbed his palm on the side of his pants in a nervous gesture. With his other hand he scratched the back of his head. “We’ve been friends forever, right?”

        “Yeah...” Kim blinked. Where was this headed?

        “And nothing could break up that friendship, right?” Ron asked, his eyes clouded with something Kim couldn’t read.

        “Of course not, we’ll always be friends!” Kim nudged him with an elbow and smiled. Just then a clank brought them back to reality. The gate swung open and Kim ran off for the mansion’s doors. She did however notice Ron slump and sigh before he chased after her. What was up with him?

        Running up to the doors, she did a flying sidekick right in the center, throwing both the doors open and nearly off the hinges. Bursting through them, she made quite a sight. Then it was shattered.

        “Uh, Kim? Couldn’t you have just turned the knob?” Ron asked, fiddling with the doorknobs.

        “Um...sorry?” Kim said abashed. Kim’s communicator sounded and Kim fished it out instantaneously. “What’s the sitch?”

        “They’re on the other side of the mansion near the exit,” Wade’s voice informed them.

        “On it,” Kim replied and raced off with Ron following close behind.

        “Kim--” Ron panted. “We need t-to talk.”

        “Talk to me later Ron, we’re busy now!” she said, annoyed.

        “Kim, I like--”

        Turning a corner, suddenly they were there. The room was HUGE. Chandeliers, carved statues, Kim had to admit, the guy had taste. She spotted a figure on the other side, playing with some kind of device.

        “Rats, how DO I get this thing to turn on? Shego, get over here!” floated Drakken’s voice. “How am I supposed to take over the world with an evil scheme if my sidekick won’t do the dirty work?”

        “Hi there, Kimmie,” a voice purred in Kim’s right ear. Without even thinking, she swung a fist at the voice. A black clad hand caught her wrist. Shego grinned at her, her emerald eyes sparkling with mischief.

        “Ron! Get that thing away from Drakken!” Kim shouted as her fight with Shego started. Out of nowhere, Ron jumped onto Shego’s back. Shego flipped him off easily and went after him, her plasma gloves glowing. A large chunk of wall where Ron’s head was a second ago blasted into shards.

        “Ron! What are you doing???” Kim snarled and grabbed his belt, dragging him off. “Leave Shego to me! You go get Drakken!”

        “But I was trying to h--” Ron began.

        “DO IT!” Kim yelled as Shego caught up to them and slashed at Kim’s head. Ron took off for Drakken and Kim focused on not getting her head chopped off by the older girl in front of her.

        “Poor Kimmie, is the buffoon wrecking everything?” Shego smirked and kicked at Kim. “Is he acting strangely? I can’t imagine why,” she said in mock wonderment. Kim frowned and caught Shego in the stomach with a kick. Shego doubled over for a second and went scrambling backwards as Kim’s other foot was coming for her head.

        A beam of red light suddenly split through the air and nicked Shego’s thigh scorching through her green and black body suit. The two girls paused in their battle and stared at her thigh. Neither reacted. Blood began to seep through and run down her leg, only then did Shego react.

        “Shit! Mother--” Shego screeched and looked over at Ron and Drakken who had both frozen with their hands on the laser. Shego’s eyes glittered dangerously and Drakken dropped the laser, stammering out something no one could comprehend. Ron ran over to Kim and started searching her.

        “Ron, what are you doing?!” Kim asked incredulously.

        “Are you all right? It didn’t hit you, did it?” Ron said, still looking.

        Kim rolled her eyes and her gaze met Shego’s. She was smirking with an all too knowing look on her face. Kim frowned back at her. Shego grinned and sent a little wave in her direction before turning and running, as fast as her injured leg allowed her, towards the exit.

        “Get moving!” Shego growled at Drakken and he shied away and ran for his life. Shego scooped up the laser (which she glared at) and took one last look at Kim before ducking out the door.

        Kim whirled around and tried to run after them but had forgotten about Ron still patting her down for wounds and stumbled right over him. Tangling them both up. Letting the bad guys get away. Great.     

        “Ron!!!” she growled.

        “Sorry, KP,” Ron said with a reddish tint to his cheeks.

 * * *

         Kim flung an arm over her eyes. This was not happening. Ron’s antics had only gotten worse on the way home. Try as she might, she couldn’t figure out what had gotten into him these past days. They’d been friends since pre-school but Kim had no clue about this. He’d never acted this... this... Ronish. Kim had always suspected that Ron liked her. But this was just getting annoying. If he kept acting like this, Kim didn’t know what she was going to do. She liked Ron...just not that way. He was her friend. She sometimes thought she did. But she never got the butterflies she did for Josh around Ron. Never. So...something had to be done about this. But what? If she told him he had no chance with her, would that end the Possible/Stoppable team? She didn’t know if she could save the world without him.

        Going around in circles isn’t helping; I need to get some sleep. I have a Latin test tomorrow so I absolutely HAVE to go to school... Kim thought with a sigh. She groaned and picked herself off the bed and quickly changed into some PJ’s.



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