Story: Totally In Love (chapter 1)

Authors: darkwoofe

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Chapter 1

Title: One

“So, tell me again, Sam. Just why are we sneaking around and following Alex?” Clover
asked her red headed friend.

Sam sighed and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “We’re following Alex because
this is the fifth time she’s ditched us to run off and do something on her own. As her friends it’s
up to us to make sure she isn’t getting caught up in something that could get her hurt” she
explained for ths seventh time that night. The combination of Clover’s seeming disinterest in
what Alex was up to and the fact that it seemed as if Alex didn’t want to spend any time with the
two of them outside of missions and school was driving Samantha completely bonkers.

“Well, I don’t see what the big deal is,” Clover replied. “It’s pretty obvious what’s going
on here” she told her friend.

“Oh yeah?” asked Sam, “So why don’t you let me in on it?” She really couldn’t wait to
hear this one.

“Sure. It’s obvious that our little Alex is growing up and she’s gotten herself a secret
boyfriend. I mean, look at her She’s all dressed up and it’s obvious she’s waiting for someone.”

Sam made a noncommittal grunting noise as she lifted the binoculars and looked over at
where Alex was sat on a bench near the boardwalk. It did sort of look like she was waiting on
someone. As much as she hated to admitted it, that actually made more sense than her own
theory that Alex might have gotten mixed up with drugs or gangs or something.

As if to prove the point, just as she looked back Alex got to her feet and move toward the
street as a helmeted figure on a motorcycle pulled up nearby. The person barely made it off the
bike before she had her arms full as Alex almost tackled her with the force of her flying hug.
And the tight dark red leather the newcomer was wearing left no doubt in the two spies’ minds
that it was a woman. Alex said something excitedly to the woman and she reached up and
removed her helmet.

Clover gasped in surprise, “That’s Donna ” she said in a sort of delirious mixture of
scandalized shock and excitement.

“Let’s not jump to conclusions here,” Sam half whispered despite that fact that they were
far enough away that there was no way that Alex or Donna could hear them. “Maybe, they’re
just really good...”

“Oh, my god They’re kissing ” Clover interrupted, sounding even more shocked than

“Friends” Sam finished and then shut up and looked back at the pair. There was no doubt
that, that was a kiss. And not of the platonic variety. And if the way Alex was nearly swooning
and pulling Donna into closer contact with her was any indication, it was one hell of a kiss at

“I can’t believe this” Sam muttered.

“Yeah like, I know what you mean. All this time Alex has been trying steal David from
me and she isn’t even interested guys ” said a tragic sounding Clover causing Sam to slap herself
on the forehead.


Alex knew she hadn’t really been waiting all that long, but to her it seemed like an
eternity before she heard the familiar rumbling purr of Donna’s motorcycle pulling up to the
curb near where she was waiting. She knew she should feel bad about skipping out on Clover
and Sam for the fifth time this week, but the sight Donna pulling up dressed in that tight leather
was more than enough to make any guilt she felt vanish.

Before she knew what she was doing she was up and had practically flying into the other
girl’s arms. Luckily Donna had more or less expected the enthusiastic greeting and had braced
herself or they both would have ended up on the pavement.

She smiled up at Donna knowing that she was grinning back even though she couldn’t
see her face through the dark visor of the helmet. “I really missed you a lot” she dreamily told

Donna reached up and removed her helmet and said, “I missed you, too” before leaning
forward and placing a long sensual kiss on the darker girl’s lips.

Finally breaking the kiss she noticed that Alex was still in a world of her own and she
gave another quick peck to the tip of her nose to bring her out of it. Alex’s reaction to being
touched and kissed were one of the many things she loved about the girl. Being with her was like
being with someone who took more pleasure from even the smallest of things that everyone else
took for granted than most people took from the bigger things.

“So, did your mom lay into you after I left, or was she really as cool about the whole
thing as she seemed?” she asked as she leaned back against the seat of her bike.

“No, she was really okay with it all. She was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t told her that
I thought I was gay earlier though. She and I usually tell each other everything, you know.”

Donna smiled at her, put her arms around her waist, and pulled her up close. Alex
instinctively put her arms over the slightly taller girls shoulders and let her fingers play with the
short strands of hair. “That’s really good to hear” Donna told her. “Your mom is pretty cool and
I’d have felt kinda bad about us dating if she didn’t approve.”

Alex gently tugged on the back of her neck until she got the idea and lean forward
covering the short distance between them and placed another series of short electrifying kisses
on each others lips.

“Mmm. And would...mmm, that have stopped... you from... going out with me?” she
managed to gasp out between kisses.

After a particularly long and satisfying one, Donna answer, “Not really. That’s why I
would have felt bad” which made Alex smile up at her. She felt her heart do that little fluttering
thing that had become so familiar since the two of them had first become friends. She found it
hard to believe that she had ever wanted to hurt the person she now held in her arms.

“So, what did you have planned for us tonight?” Alex asked her.

“Well, some of my friends are having a party down at the beach and I thought that
tonight would be as good a time as any to introduce you. That is, if you’re feeling up to it.”
“So what are we waiting for?”

And the two climbed on the bike and were off.


They had switched positions on the best way to spend the night. Before it had been
Clover who was reluctant to waste a perfectly good Saturday night following Alex around just
because she’d been acting a little weird. Now it was Clover wanting to continue to follow the
two, while Sam was in favor of calling it a night.

The two of them were sitting in a little café near the spot they hidden to spy on their
friend. “Well, it’s to late to follow them, now” Sam pointed out triumphantly, “The two of them
are long gone.”

Clover shook her head sadly while putting on an expression of mild rebuke, “Sammy,
Sammy, Sammy.” She reached into her purse and pulled out her com-powder. “You know that as
long as she has her com-powder on her all we have to do is follow the signal. You need to do
better than that.”

Sam sighed. Sometime it was too easy to forget that there was a fairly shrewd brain
inside that pretty blond head. “Look at it this way. How would you feel if it were you out on a
date and it was me and Alex following you around.”

“You do have a point. But if it were me, I would have just came out and told my friends I
was going on a date instead blowing off hanging out together for the fifth time in a row and
sneaking off” she replied.

“Still, it’s not right ” Sam stated firmly.

Clover waved away the issue, “Fine, fine, whatever,” she finally gave in. “But I am so
going to get all the juicy details the next time I see her ”

Sam shook her head again. “Sorry Clover, but we can’t. Alex hasn’t told us about this so
we have to act like we don’t know anything about it.”

Now it was Clover’s turn to sigh. “You know, this sucks. Here we are with the hottest
piece of news in Beverly Hills and we can’t do anything with it,” she said sounding anguished.

Sam’s eyes widened as a sudden thought occurred to her. She lean forward and captured
Clover’s hand to get the girl to focus. “Clover,” she said seriously, “If Mandy finds out about
this she’ll do everything she can come up with to make Alex’s life a living hell. She’ll try to
make it so that Alex will never be able to show her face at school again.”

Hearing genuine fear in her friend’s voice, Clover let herself be serious as well for the
first time that night. “I guess that could happen. But even if it did I don’t think that the people at
school will react too badly. And besides, the people she really cares about and who really care
about her won’t let her face it alone if things do turn sour, right?” she answered looking steadily
at Sam. When Sam nodded her agreement, she smiled. “Good, then. Let not worry about stuff
like that until we don’t have a choice.”

“I just wish she had told us about it. It’s like she doesn’t trust us or something,” she
confided to the blond.

“She’ll tell us,” Clover stated confidently, “She’s just waiting for the right time. But
enough about Alex. Let get back to your place. If we hurry we can still have movie night ” That
said, the two paid their bill and headed back to Sam’s house.


Alex was disappointed when the ride was over. She reluctantly remove her head from
Donna’s leather clad back and hopped off the bike. She was joined a second later by Donna.

“I had a really great time tonight. And your friends were just awesome,” she told her.

Donna took her arm and the two of them started walking towards the door. “All of them
thought you were pretty cool too,” Donna told her. “I’m happy that you guys hit it off so well.
Now if only I can do as good when you introduce me to your friends,” she hinted.

“Oh, that won’t be a problem. Clover and Sam are two of the nicest people you’ll ever
meet. And we can let you meet them whenever you feel up to it. I didn’t do it sooner because I
wanted my mom to meet you first.”

They had reached the front door Alex’s house. They had done this before, so there was
very little awkwardness as they faced each other and shared their last kiss for the night.

“How about I join the three of you for lunch Monday?” Donna asked as she broke the
kiss and started walking backwards to her bike.

“That would be perfect. It’ll give me time to tell them about you tomorrow,”

“Great, I’ll see you Monday ” she called as turned and hopped on her bike.

Alex just stayed there leaning against her door until Donna was out of sight. Before she
could remove her weight from the door however, someone opened it from the inside causing her
to fall back into an untidy heap just inside the door. Dazed she looked up to see her mother
smiling down at her.

“Did you have a good time?” she asked in a tone of voice that instantly caused Alex to
flush from head to toe as she nodded her head.

“She took me to a beach party and introduced me to her friends” she told her mom. “It
felt really nice when she’d say ‘This is my girlfriend, Alex’ and no one looked at us funny or
was mean or anything.”

Her mother just nodded wisely, “I had guessed that she would have good people for
friends. They say you can judge a person by who they’re friends with and Donna’s such a sweety
that I couldn’t imaging her hanging with a bad crowd.”

Alex having manage to get to her feet again, smiled happily, “She thinks you’re pretty
cool too. And I’m going to introduce her to Clover and Sam Monday at lunch.”

“That’s good to hear, dear. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try to keep this sort of
thing from your best friends for too long” she told her daughter.

Alex sighed, “I’ll tell them about her tomorrow so that it doesn’t surprise them too much
when they meet.”


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