Story: Senshi Destiny (chapter 1)

Authors: darkwoofe

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter One

[Author's notes: DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon does not belong to me and I make no profits from this story.
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NOTES: Haruka and Michiru are 18 and have been senshi for four years. Ami, Minako, Makoto, and Rei are 16 and have been senshi for two years. Usagi is also 16, but not yet a senshi and Mamoru is 12 years older than her (28) and not a very nice guy. I make no promises as to finishing this, but decided to give it a try. This fic is very AU. This is also my first ever Sailor Moon fan fiction so go easy on me. And yes I’d love some feedback good or bad. (If anyone can think of a better title please let me know!)]

Senshi Destiny
Part 1

The slight figure dressed in non descript blue jeans, loose sweatshirt, backpack, and a baseball cap strolled casually past the many well armed security guards who ignored her as if they couldn't see her.

Indeed they *couldn't* see her as the girl had been trained to use her innate magical abilities to cloak herself from human eyes and most forms of magical detection. The disguise was only for the security cameras lining the corners and hallways, all of which had advanced spells cast upon them so that cloaks, magic, mechanical, or any mix of the two, would not work one hundred percent on them. Of course, in spite of the cameras, by the time anyone thought to check them it would be far to late. Her job would be done.

She easily made it to the executive elevators picking the pocket of the spell dazed guard who was supposed to operated it and taking his key card. Sliding it into the slot she then press the button for the top floor. Knowing that the upper level guards would be more strongly shielded against the spells she had used on the lower levels, she dropped all her stealth spells and began charging up her
offensive and defensive magic.

Upon reaching the top floor the doors of the elevators opened and the figure was greeted with a hailstorm of bullets, fireballs, and energy bolts. But she was ready for them and her shield was easily strong enough to deflect the attacks.

Raising an arm before her a glowing disc of energy formed in front of her hand. With a throwing motion she unleashed the energy disc upon the security team waiting in the hall. Controlling it with her thoughts she sent it cutting and slicing down any and all that stood between her and her target the disc easily going through shields and flesh alike. The screams of the security team were terrible, but she had learned long ago block them out.

When the disc finally dissipated there were only two very heavily shielded and armored guards left standing. Both the suits and their magical defenses were badly weakened from the assault. Never the less the two armored guards began making their way towards the figure intent on getting revenge for their fallen comrades and defending their charge.

The slight figure stepped boldly from the elevator to meet them, this time bringing both arms forward palms outward. She released twin balls of bright light that upon impact with the armors completely incinerated them and whoever had been in them. The passage cleared she proceeded toward her goal, the only door on this floor.

Upon entering the classically decorated office she let her eyes scan the room checking for more guards. While she found no more guards she did manage to find her target. This man, one of the most powerful business men in the world, stood cowering behind his desk, his back pressed the glass of the window which took up the whole of one wall.

This job came with a short message. While it would do the man about to die no good the cameras recording would likely be warning to whoever took his place. "Mr. Tanaka," the girl spoke for the first time since entering the building. Tanaka shuddered at the coldness of her voice, hearing his death in her words. It felt as if a needle of ice had pierced his heart. "Rosa Sugiwara sends her regards. She said to tell you that you should have stayed on you own turf." With that she extended her arm, pressed two fingers together pointed at his forehead and unleashed a beam of surprisingly pure white light which pierced his brain killing him instantly.

As she let the beam fade the door behind her crashed open and her shield was bombarded by a magical energy that nearly caused it to collapse. She reinforced the shield and turned to see the hall filled to overflowing with armored guards carrying magical weapons much heavier than those of the guards she had gone through on her way in. One or two and she might have chanced fighting them, but with the numbers this heavily against her and the weapons this strong she had only one chance of getting out of here alive.

Calling up a brief flair of light she temporarily blinded her attackers then quickly turn and threw out a shockwave with her other hand shattering the window behind the desk dashing to it and jumped. Her memories of the blue prints for the building proved accurate as while falling she saw the causeway that lead from the building she was in to the one on the other side of a wide ally, fast approaching and threw out another shockwave shattering the glass ceiling coving it.

She landed amid the glass on the floor of the causeway her reinforced shield taking most of the brunt of the impact, but was still stunned senseless for a moment anyway. Recovering quickly she moved pass the stunned people, many of whom were bleeding from the fallen glass, and into the opposite building. She made her way to the nearest bathroom where she dropped her backpack, and stripped off her jeans, sweatshirt, and cap. Opening the backpack she pulled out a blue and yellow school uniform and quickly pulled it on. She shook out her long blonde hair topped with two round balls, which had been up so as to fit under the cap. Flushing and opening the back of one of the toilets she stuffed the backpack and old clothes inside. She then casually washed her hands, took the elevator to the ground floor, and exited the building.

As she walked away from yet another successful mission Tsukino Usagi let a surprisingly innocent smile cross her face. Her master would be pleased. She took no joy in pleasing her personal demon, but at least when he was pleased it meant he would go out to celebrate and come home too drunk to press his unwanted attentions on her as he normally did. Despite the fact that she hated killing, at least one good thing would come of the successful mission. And somehow she couldn’t feel too bad that it was to her benefit.


Reaching forward and making a quick gesture with her hand a flaming bow appeared in the hands of Sailor Mars. The oni had escaped from a lab researching the use of a combination of technology and magic to open gateways to other dimensions. The test had worked perfectly so far as opening the gateway...not that any of the researchers had survived to celebrate their success. Closing the gateway and/or controlling anything that came through had apparently not crossed any of their minds. Not that a rampaging monster was anything new in this city.

Pulling back the empty bowstring a flaming arrow appeared notched and ready as Mars took aim at the creature that now had one tentacle around the neck and another around the feet of a struggling Sailor Uranus. Sighting on the tentacle around Uranus's neck she released the burning arrow and watched with a smile as it severed the tentacle allowing the short haired blonde to gasp in the first air she'd had in almost a full sixty seconds.

"Sure you don't need our help?" she called out mockingly as the injured beast flung it's appendages, and consequently Uranus, (whose feet were still being held) around as it writhed in pain.

Sailor Neptune shot her an angry glare as she finally picked herself up from the pile of rubble created when the beast had flung her into a nearby wall when she'd tried her hand at freeing her lover not too long ago.

Venus and Jupiter made no effort to hide their laughter at Mars' little joke. After two years of being mocked, rescued by, and told how useless they were by the two outers they were enjoying being in the position of rescuing them for a change. To make matters even more enjoyable when they had arrived on the scene Uranus laughed and told them that they might as well go home as they would be totally useless in the fight against this oni. When they had offered to stay and help anyway Neptune had condescendingly told them that she and Uranus didn't need or want their help.

Mercury sighed at the display knowing that Venus wouldn't allow the inners to leave two fellow senshi in such a dangerous predicament no matter how much bad blood was between the two groups.

Uranus and Neptune had been senshi for two years before the inners had started to show up. Venus had been first soon to be followed by Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. With Artemis as their guide they had begun their search for the missing Moon Princess and stomping out the occasional ‘lurking evil’ along the way. They had known about the two mysterious senshi who had preceded them but had had no contact with them until the two had saved them from a powerful group of witches they had crossed in the search for the princess. After the fight had been won, mostly due to the aid of the outers, the inners had approached Uranus and Neptune on Artemis’ advice and had been violently rebuffed. When the two outers had finished their attack on the inners there had been little doubt that the two were in a league of their own.

They were then warned not to interfere with the outers mission in any way or the next time they would not survive the fight. When Artemis asked them what their mission was he was told that Uranus and Neptune were to safeguard this city at any cost and search for the Moon Princess.

Guarding the city was no easy task given that the entire city was sitting upon a nexus of magical energy that attracted power hungry creatures of all types, including humans, leaving the outers with little time to actively search for the princess and so a compromise had been reached. The outers would keep the monsters in check and the inners would search out the missing princess.

Mercury’s suggestion of working together on both missions was quickly and brutally shot down with Uranus’s mocking the inner’s fighting abilities.

Turning away from the inners and back to her helpless partner, Neptune shot twin fast moving streams of water narrowed to an edge at the tentacle still attached to Uranus’s feet freeing her from the creature’s grasp before attacking it with a huge globe of water surrounding a greenish core that seemed to crackle like electricity. The blast knocked the monster into a storefront causing it to collapse onto it, but in seconds it burst free of the debris and moved to attack the one who had harmed it.

Off to the side Uranus climbed shakily to her feet and released a huge orange orb of crackling energy at the beast, but weakened from her injuries and the fall she’d taken upon being freed, the attack didn’t even faze it. Neptune was only slightly better off as her next attack merely made it stagger back.

“Okay ladies, let’s go!” Venus cried, finally having seen enough. Like a team that had trained and fought beside each other for years, as indeed they had, the inner senshi moved into a swift and efficient attack. Mars distracted the monster away from Neptune and Uranus with a few well-placed fireballs drawing it toward the fairly open space of the park a little farther down the street.

As it moved into the park Mars jumped clear of its path and Mercury began to shower the creature with a constant hail of dagger pointed ice so that Mars could get cleanly out of the way. As the beast turned it’s attention to her it was attacked from behind by beams of high intensity light which Venus was using to cut away the scaly outer armor that protected it and heart shaped chains which were used to hold it’s many tentacles safely away from herself and the other senshi. Finally judging the chink in its scaly armor large enough she stepped aside and Jupiter took her place. With a deafening roar Jupiter summoned a dragon made of pure electricity and sent it pouring through the hole. The beast cried out in a roar that rivaled Jupiter’s attack as steam began to rise from it’s mouth and eyes, then ever so slowly it collapsed onto its side dead.

“That was fun!” called the tall brunette upon seeing the creature defeated. Briefly looking around she spotted Mercury and without a seconds more hesitation went over to her and started checking her over for injuries. Mercury suffered through the careful scrutiny having learned even before they were an item that Jupiter would be a nervous wreck until she reassured herself that Mercury didn’t have any life threatening injuries.

Venus had picked up a stick from somewhere and was using it to poke at the steaming corpse of what was one of the ugliest creatures she had ever seen. Mars, ever vigilant was watching as Neptune supporting Uranus came limping into the park. Both girls were hurt but it didn’t look like anything serious.

Still she thought we should let Mercury take a look. She wasn’t too fond of the two outer senshi, but in the end they were on the same side it seemed. “Hey Mercury” she called as the two took a seat on a nearby park bench, “Would you come and check these two out?” she asked. She watched amused as Mercury shook off an irritated Jupiter, pulled out her computer and moved over to the two weary outers.

“They’re both a little drained, but they’ll be fine” she said finally looking up from the computer.

“Ha ha!” Venus laughed triumphantly as she marched over, slime-coated stick still in hand. “Who’s useless now?” she crowed, pointing at the two with said stick.

Uranus look up with a genuine if somewhat tired smile, “Okay, so maybe we underestimated you” She admitted jokingly. “But you have to admit, a year ago that thing would have had all of you for lunch.”

Jupiter grunted acknowledgement of the assessment but added “Yeah, well things change. We’ve gotten a lot stronger than we used to be,” she said with pride.

“So we noticed,” replied Neptune. With a weary sigh she allowed her transformation to fade. Uranus looked startled at first but as she met her lover’s eyes a silent understanding passed between them. For the first time since learning of their destiny Neptune and Uranus allowed others to know who they were in their normal forms.

The inners glanced at Venus to see her reaction. A slight nod of her head telling them it was okay, the inners all changed back into normal forms.

“I’m guessing we have a lot to talk about” Aino Minako said tossing the stick near the fallen oni and looking at the two vaguely familiar young women.

“We should leave first” replied Hino Rei “It won’t be long before the cops get here” she added as she heard the sound of the approaching sirens.

Kino Makoto snorted derisively, “It’s amazing how they never show until the monsters are dead.” She moved to the other side of the girl she recognized from one of her hangouts as Tenouh Haruka and helped her up. Together the six warriors of a long ago fallen kingdom made a stealthy exit.


As usual the police arrived on the scene just in time, as least as far as they were concerned. With only a few fatalities farther down the street all that was left for them to do was tape off the section of Ichinoban Park where the oni lay rotting and clean up the mess.

Just the way they like it thought Tactical Magics Division detective Chiba Mamoru with disgust. It never failed to amaze him how many delays popped up whenever the TMD got a call, nor how quickly said delays vanished when word arrived that one of the many groups of mercenaries or magical vigilantes that lived in and around Tokyo had taken care of the problem.

Not that I should be complaining he thought. In fact he was quite happy with the ineffectiveness of the government’s attempts to deal with the many supernatural problems plaguing the city. The twenty-eight year old detective had a very lucrative side business that was dependant on the chaos that ruled these modern times.

He smiled as the thoughts of his other work naturally lead him to think of his little pet. When he had still been a child, not even in his teens, his father the last surviving member of a now vanished guild of assassins, had begun passing his knowledge on to his only son. Having learned all he could from the old man he had held no regrets when the time had come for him to kill the old bastard. The lessons he had learned had not been gentle and there had been no love lost between father and son.

Using his weapons prowess and some well-applied blackmail Chiba Mamoru had risen quickly through the ranks of the Tokyo police during a time where no one was too picky about just who was allowed to join or even what their background was. During these troubled times, the only things that police force were interested in were power and talent. And Chiba Mamoru had an abundance of both. Having already started working his side job long before joining with the police, when he had been given a promotion and offered a choice of which division he wanted to transfer to he had to the shock of his comrades, chosen the under funded under equipped TMD. No one knew that the choice was so that he could farther his other, much more profitable career.

One day he and his partner had been sent on a standard investigation of a magic attack on a residence. Upon arriving he had been shocked at the devastation reeked upon the middle class home. The strangest thing of all had been that no other house or even yard had been touched on the entire block. While his partner had looked around outside, Mamoru had cautiously moved into the wrecked home searching for clues as to what had attacked. He'd never even entertained the notion that anyone had survived such destruction. So while checking the room of what must have been a little girl he had been nearly frightened too death when he heard a muffled wail from beneath a pile of rubble and had summoned up a red energy in the shape of a rose, ready to defend himself from whatever horror he thought would be attacking him. It took a second cry of pain and terror before he realized that what he was hearing was the voice of a young girl. Most likely the owner of what was left of this room.

He had just finished uncovering a ten-year-old girl when his partner, having checked the perimeters, found him about to finish pulling the child from the rubble. But as Chiba's hand touched hers his knees grew weak as he nearly passed out from the power of the magic radiating from the girl. It took everything he had to shield himself from the raging power. And it was in that moment that he knew that the gods had sent him a gift.

Quickly and with absolutely no warning, he turned and in a wash of red energy blasted a hole in his partner’s chest. He had found the weapon he needed to build his empire, and he couldn’t leave a witness to the fact that she had survived the attack on this house. He wasn’t too worried about his partner’s death, as it wasn’t uncommon for officers of the TMD to be killed when dealing with these types of situations. This girl was the key to his dreams and the gods had dropped her right into his lap. With her innocent wide blue eyes and long golden hair she would be a perfect little killer. And it didn’t hurt that she wasn’t bad looking too…

[End notes: This chapter has been revised as of 06-29-09. Just a few small changes that will hopefully improve the flow of the stories. It still hasn't been beta'd so any errors are my own.]

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