Story: On The Stellvia 4 Years After (chapter 1)

Authors: ARM

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: My first Story to write so just to let you know so it probably won't be up to your level, Sorry but just read it please and Thanks .  ARM]

This is my first anime Fiction and I do not have the literary talent that most of you have that read these stories or write them. This and other stories I have written down are already questionable in completing but I just couldn’t let my story ideas here go to waste either. I thought I’d write it as I thought the characters might speak or say it and what they might say. I wrote this in a more simplified form so the other half of the readers can understand it without going to the dictionary every five words to enjoy it also. This is my YURI version of what happens on the Stellvia four years after. There are a few spoilers from the series but if you haven’t seen Stellvia by now, “Gee” where have you been? I had hopped that Tatsuo Sato, the Director of Stellvia would do a second season but I’m not sure he could have improved any on this Anime anyway.

DISCLAIMER, no I don’t own this anime or characters, wished I did though. Stellvia is just an amazing anime series to me that anyone could enjoy. (Mild, Adult) By ARM

On The Stellvia Four Years After


The room was very quiet; breathing could be heard across from each other. Shima setting on her own bed glanced up from the floor into Arisa’s eyes where she set over on the other bed.

Shima asks Arisa “do you know what she wants. Surely couldn’t be that, could it? She wouldn’t have known we knew, I don‘t think anyway.”


Arisa looked from Shima to the floor, said, “I’m not sure, I thought you probably knew. Well she still follows you around everywhere yet trying to be like you, you know Simpon.” But everybody wants to be like you Shima.


Arisa continued, “You as a rumored genius wasn‘t even close, there’s not another person on any of the other foundations or anywhere else close to your intelligence Shime. You could have had a hundred good guys beating the door down just to get a date with you but for some reason you stayed partners, for looks with him, Kouta, and he’s been gone mostly since two years ago now.”

That was our get back together at the new Stellvia and Celebration when my sister, “Mia and your brother Masato arrived, so why Kouta?”


Shime reached out and took Arisa’s hand in hers and waited until Arisa looked into her eyes, said, “Well with everyone then, mostly all the other guys here still thinking that Kouta and I were still a couple, well they simply overlooked you and I and right now that bothers me very much as well.”

Arisa, I want the world to know about us, we are adults now, you know. You and I are as much a couple as any male/female couple here and I’m ready to tell everyone too, well after we find out just what it is that Rinna wants now.


Shima squeezed Arisa’s hand and was just about to go over and set by her side when the door buzzer went off. They looked at each other a second, Shima got up and went to the door and opened it.

There stood Rinna smiling with her bag in her left hand, raised her right hand up to Shima and said, “Hi Shima, I’m still Rinna and I’m still your rival, and your new room mate again as well.”

Shima ask, Rinna, aren’t you staying with your parents yet?

Rinna walked on in and put her beg on Arisa’s bed, said, “You two and everyone else of our close friends came to my birthday party a week ago now and I’m 16, remember?”

Arisa said, “yes, so?”

Rinna said, “Set over on Shima’s bed and I’ll clue you in then.” Rinna smiled but continued, “you two are 20 now and I’m 16 and that makes us all adults here on the Stellvia, right?”

Arisa said, “well it is legal to marry at 16 here so I would think that makes 16 year olds adults kind of.”

Rinna said, “Well then Shima, why didn’t you and Kouta get married back then, he was hot after you for so long then?”

Shima turned red, said, “Rinna, Kouta is a boy and a friend but that didn’t make him my everlasting loving boyfriend, understand? I liked Kouta a lot then but I didn’t want or need a boyfriend because I’ve had someone I’ve been in love with a long time before I knew Kouta.”

Rinna smiled, said, “yes, I knew that the second night that I was here with you two the first time. You two should get married just like Ayaka and Yayoi did two years ago. You two couples could set an example for all the other girl couples that want to come out in the open with their loving partners as well, you do know that, right Shipon? You would be the perfect set of couples to open everyone else’s eyes here but I’m going to throw a monkey wrench in that thought too.”


Rinna smiled again and continued, “I want all three of us to be loving partners, get married too, all three of us. I did hear where that might be possibly here on the Stellvia. Our combination here for the Stellvia would be perfect. Shima’s a pilot of the Halcyon and Infi both with genius computer and mathematical intelligence beyond human belief.”

Rinna smiled at Arisa but continued, “Arisa, the Infi and the Halcyon’s personal Engineer and Shima’s right hand girlfriend, and myself, I can probably pilot any craft in the universe now that Yayoi worked with me to pilot the halcyon, the DLS is almost natural to both of us now. We’d be a very good matched trio, don’t you think? Oh yes Shima, just in case you didn’t already know your intelligence is why you didn’t get to go into space, no one here wants to lose you.”

Arias said, “Rinna, just because the three of us would make an unbeatably trio here for the Stellvia, don’t mean that the three of us would make good partners now does it?”

Rinna said, “Ok, just what makes good partners then anyway?”

Rinna smiling at both girls now continued, “My first night I must have really slept well but the second, well about 2:30 I had to go pee and I turned to make sure where you were Shima because I didn’t want to wake you getting out of bed, I looked but you weren’t there, then I heard some strange noises from the other direction so I turned to see what Arisa was doing but she wasn’t in her bed either. The sounds were coming from the floor on the other side of Arisa’s bed.

I heard muffled screams, ohs, ahs, yeses, heavy breathing, and lip smacking kisses. I didn’t know what was happening but it didn’t sound like you were killing each other either. At that time I had just turned 12 and the oldest of the kids from our foundation and didn’t know too much about what I was about to see when I quietly slipped out of bed and on my hands and knees crawled to the end of Arisa’s bed.”

I thought, “dang, they’re not fighting but why are they naked lying on top of each other back and forth, why are they doing that? Well I was really surprised or shocked then and I just about jumped up to pull you two apart if I could. But again I thought that if I kept quiet and just watched, I just might find out what you were doing too.”

Rinna went on; “I wondered if this is the love thing I’ve heard about, maybe I can learn something here. I watched as Arisa rolled up on top of Shima and lips kissed, then the lips went down to her breasts and she licked and nibbled there a while.”

“Shima was moaning loud enough to wake me then if I was asleep. I was young and very naive but I wasn’t stupid either, I knew that what you two were doing felt good to both of you so I watched a little while. I could understand most of what you were doing with each other, feeling, gentle touching, licking, kissing, even the breast nibbling because I myself was starting to explore my own body some at 10/11.”

“I could see that some things felt good to you two but I just couldn’t do it that way or without a partner, you’re nibbling and sucking on the others breasts, mostly nipples. The big question of the night or shock to me was when you two swapped ends and your tongues went in between the others lips between your legs, now that was a surprise. I couldn’t even imagine that feeling down there but I could also see that made you both feel the best all night with lots of verbal expressions and moans that probably wake Yayoi’s room below us. After you quit bucking into each others faces and slowed some, you finally came back down to the Stellvia.”

“Now I don’t mind a little feel good either especially after all we go through around here but I thought you two wanted to feel good a little bit too often too.” Rinna said laughing. They all laughed a little more that time.

Rinna continued “I thought I’d better get back into bed and get my eyes closed; I sure didn’t sleep much though thinking of what you two just did. You were making love to each other and even two girls at that so that was the start of my more serious exploring, finally masturbating. I watched you two every time I thought you wouldn’t catch me watching so you could say I learned from you.”

“When I was alone in our room, I’d go to the bathroom and fake a long shower just in case you came in. I started messaging, squeezing, pinching my nipples, well after I figured out just how to get a hold of them they were so tiny yet. I tried the messaging between the lips of my tiny crack and found a very sensitive little bud at the top that really got me excited, breathless even, made me feel really good when I rubbed it but strange to me at first, my whole body shook with that pleasure too. The one thing you did to each other that I could never do to myself, well I just can’t bend double and get my tongue in there, I did try though.” Shima and Arisa laughed at that.

Shima ask, “Well Rinna, why didn’t you ask some of the other girls your age to do it with you then. There would have been a line of other girls wanting to do it with you Rinna.”

Rinna looked at Shima, said, “Shima, you of all people should know that answer; it would be the same as with you and Kouta. Kouta literally adored you Shima but even from the start, that same feeling wasn’t there for him in return. He finally figured that out and started seeing the nurse after that I‘ve been told, she may be a little older but you can see she does love him, I see them together sometimes when he‘s back.”

Rinna continued, “Yes I could have asked several girls, a number of girls did ask me. I could never really love any of them because the way I see it, making love with, having sex with just any person isn’t the same as it would be if you loved that person deeply and they loved you that much in return. I could see real early though what you two taught me, well you’re the only ones I’d want to make love with anyway. You and Arisa do love each other that much and for your information, everyone else sees that love too. No one even looks twice anymore; they know you’re an official couple here on the Stellvia. There are other couples also but Ayaka and Yayoi, who got married and you two stand out the most. I am only hoping to make us a trio if I can sweet talk Arisa into liking, loving me too Shima. Both of you already know I still love you, please both of you together love me too.”

Rinna looked right at Arisa and said, “Arisa love, I could see my presents here with Shima and in her bed also made me the bad girl already and I’m sure you could breathe a lot easier when I left the first time. I’m so sorry but even then I’m sure you knew I fell in love with Shima too so I’m asking, no I’m begging, please let us all be partners here. I will learn to love you like I love Shima if you’ll let me Arisa. All I’m asking is for us to try it a few weeks and see if we all can get along together, please? Arisa, I love Shima too, just like you so could you find room in your heart for me too?”


Shima started to say something but Arisa cut in, said “let me Shima love, I need to say this.”

Arisa set beside Rinna on Shima’s bed and took Rinna’s hand in hers, looked into her eyes and said, “Rinna love, Shima and I were already lovers when you got here the first time of course. We weren’t ashamed of that at all but we didn’t really know just how to tell a 12 year old we were or what you would think of us then.”

“Shima and I thought let you catch us a few nights and see for your self just what two girls can do with each other, the intimate love we can share and enjoy. We felt you already understood the concept of male/female partners, lovers as Mom and Dad but it might be a little hard to understand female/female partners, lovers so we wanted to show you without you knowing we knew you were watching, understand? We didn’t want to embarrass you either so we did keep it fairly straight the first night or two that we knew you were watching us.”

Arisa continued, “Both of us decided to keep going after the first week to show you all we could and then see if you did any of that on your own after watching us or maybe even ask to join in with us we hoped. It was a little hard sometimes catching you in the bathroom where we could see you real well but we did see that you practiced a lot too. Even though you were so young then, we were real close to confronting you with the truth and maybe join us after the great mission was over.”

“But then Rinna you had to return home or back to the Ultima and we lost our chance then. But before you even got back there, the Ultima was attack by an outside unknown force, you did get there only to head right back in an escape module. But when we all returned from the Ultima disaster, our main problem was the crack or tear in space. We all had to do what we could but by then you were here on the Stellvia living with your family too. After the Genesis Mission passed, can’t you just see us going to your Mom and Dad and asking them to let you live with us then?”

“We only hoped that when we finally got things back to normal and our new Stellvia completed now finally, we would invite you over for a few evenings to see if there was anything left of our once dream of all three of us together.” Rinna, “don’t you think it’s about time you spent a few weeks with us to see if we can get back to where we were then?” Rinna, “I would love for all three of us to be partners, just the way Shima and I had hoped from the start, understand little one? We three could do this you know?”

Rinna, “what makes you think I don’t love you already, if you didn’t already know, everybody here on the Stellvia loves you anyway so why wouldn’t I? Only thing there is that half of them want you in their bed too little one but they already lost because we already got you in ours, which is if you want? Don’t think that request came lightly either, we’ve been worried for over three years that we even had the chance to get you back in with us so what do you say young lady, us three a trio for real this time?”

Rinna was about to cry, her eyes were sparkling when Shima set beside her to hold her with Arisa. Rinna wiped her eyes enough to look at Shima, say, “Shima, I really wanted to come back here and live with you right away then but I was so upset with you Shipon for letting Kouta take the credit for the Great Mission and then the Genesis Mission as well.”

Shima, “you did all the difficult computer mathematical calculations with all the formulas and various other inputs; all he did was pull the trigger when you told him too. The only thing Kouta could do that you couldn’t was to see the monitor patterns better for piloting and distant communications, later they determined he was color blind which let him see them better without other colors interfering.”

“Back on earth many years ago when they still had wars, they used airplanes for bombing enemy targets and used color blind people for the bomb sights so they could see right through the back ground color camouflaged covering and spot the targets. Kouta was no different; he could see the information grids that Shima couldn’t because of the colors in her way. After they put certain colored filters on Shima’s monitors, well you know the rest now; Shima can see ten times better and faster than Kouta ever could so why would you let Kouta take all the credit Shima? He was still just an average C student so why give him all the glory?”

Shima took Rinna’s hand and kissed it, looked into her lovely eyes, said, “Rinna, you’re right, Kouta is just an average C student and always will be too. He is a friend and early on he gave me some advice very important on piloting my Bieonka. Eliminate most of my on monitor flight information as they are only a clue and calculate myself as the center of the universe reference point, let me feel the universe.”

Shima smiled at Rinna but continued, “That was my turning point on my piloting skills. He helped me then and I helped him in a way too. With me so shy then, well I didn’t really want all the recognition for any of that so that’s where Kouta came in. Arisa and I discussed this at the time and decided to let him take the credit so everyone would leave me alone, rather Arisa and I, that is. Our Commanding Officers and teachers all knew the truth anyway so in a way, we kind of used Kouta, he got the stage, the lights, the grand stand and we got to be alone to figure out how we were going to get you now.”

Shima paused, said “That way, Kouta got what he always wanted from the start, and to go into outer space which he would have never gotten the opportunity to do if not for that popularity. Arisa and I, well here we three are now finally only a little later than we had planned though. Kouta right now is in Infi three months out on a nine month plus journey to the Delta 7, “G” Sector and wont ever bother us again, especially when he gets back and finds all three of us partners now, hopefully married by then.” They all laughed at that statement.


Arisa ask, “Rinna love, how come your parents let you come live with us now anyway? Weren’t they a little upset with you wanting to live with us, two 20 year old girls? Surely they know we’re not regular normal girls to live with if they’ve heard any rumors around lately.”

Rinna held Arisa’s hand now, said, “well Dad already knows about you two and in a way he’s alright with it because he figures at least no boys will get to me this way to deflower his little daughter and he just can’t wait to hug and congratulate his two new daughters in law prospects, Two of the most beautiful girls in the Galaxy. But Mom, well she knew too but has always wanted a grandchild and that’ll be a little hard to do now with just us three females you know.”

Shima said, “Rinna, we already talked about a child of our own too and we thought adoption at first but then the child wouldn’t have either of our genes. Then we thought a sperm donor for one of us but there if you take an unnamed donor, then you just get pot luck with what ever. We thought, Ok, and then how about a known healthy and well educated donor, at least we’d know a little about the child to be but also the named donor gets a large fee and also certain rights to the child too and we didn’t want that so now what? Well we found a certain Gene lab back on earth that was working on what they called a Blank Geneses Sperm Cell that lets them use any DNA pattern and combination of genes from any two people, mainly like girl to girl gene pregnancies so that was the way we decided to go when we’re ready to have our child and who ever also. So when ever we’re ready, we can have whoever among us to be our own donor for our child or children. Rinna, young lady I do think we got that covered when we’re all ready, Ok?”

Shima smiled and nodded at Arisa and together they gently lay Rinna back on the bed and they set to her sides. Together slowly they started removing Rinna’s cloths right on down to nothing, then they undressed each other even slower for Rinna to watch and learn.

Arisa humorously almost laughing said, “Rinna love, I do believe you’ll learn something tonight and you won’t have to hide at the foot of the bed either.”

Rinna smiled, said, “Well while I was waiting, hoping that you two and I, well all of us getting together here now, I did practice a lot on myself.” They all laughed a little what it could; they were already getting into some kissing, touching and heavy breathing.

Shima leaned into Rinna’s lips and kissed her with a body warming passion Rinna only dreamed of, then Arisa did the same only much slower and with a lot of tongue chasing tongue as well. Shima’s hand slowly caressing, eased down Rinna’s small chest and finally got a gentle hold on her right breast.

Shima rose up to look, said, “God Rinna, you still ain’t got any boobies little girl.”

Arisa raised up from Rinna’s tiny lips, looked right in Shima’s eyes, said, “Shima love, I wouldn’t be talking too much; yours aren’t much larger you know.”

She leaned in and kissed Shima’s lips with the gentleness of a goddess, scarred Rinna to death with that much passion. Rinna stayed right there though and put a loving bear hug on both of them, said, “I love you two so much, why did it take us so long to get back to here anyway?”

Arisa backed away from Shima’s lovely lips and smiled said, “Those of us that are lovers last, are lovers forever and we will be too, partner’s forever girls.”


Shima set up from those lips of both girls, said, “Rinna, love, I want to tell you a little story to let you know just where our love started and came from. I fell in love with Arisa even before I was informed it wasn’t real common in others eyes to love someone of the same sex but that never bothered me anyway.

Shima looked at Rinna and said, “Arisa and I were standing together when we first arrived at the Stellvia just as all the Bieonkas and Katies left at once for us, our show for the new members at Stellvia, our welcoming party. We were close, holding hands already. I heard her kind of sniff, looked at her just when it looked like she was trying to hold back tears to say something that kind of surprised me in a way but not what she said as much as the way she said it. With a feeling of compassion I had never realized before from any young girl. It cut deep in my heart and mind. That has stuck with me since that day and when I’m down or get lost coming from the library or make a mistake or just give up. I think of the emotions, the sincerity, and the honesty displayed from her heart in which she made her statement.”

“That little statement and her tears that day give me the strength to just keep going, no matter what. You and Yayoi said something similar at the Stellvia’s re-opening ceremonies two years ago also but here’s Arisa’s, no, our version and our interpretation now.”

Shima held Arisa’s hand, smiled and softly kissed her lips, then continued, “Arisa turned and looked at me with kind of teary eyes, squeezed my hand and said, I kinda feel like Peter Pan, that’s tinker bell outside my window and standing right next to me is Windy.”

Arisa backed away from Shima, smiled and took Rinna’s hand now to say, “Rinna darlin, you’re home with us now and to make us three complete finally, will you be our Tinker bell?”

End of this series for now.

Comments or Critics are welcome just to see if anyone could understand my writing style but as I said before, I am not a literary writer. It is what it is and I don’t think I’d change too much. Three isn’t always a crowd. ARM

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