Story: Monster High Unleashed (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Bait

"Are you coming Lagoona?" Frankie Stein yelled from across the gym, while the others students shuffled out as the Saltwater girl turned back.

"Ya' luv, I just got to lock up a few things in the equipment room." Lagoona answered brightly as she opened the double doors and stepped in. She headed to the back of the room, keys in hand as multiple eyes watched her slim frame. Lagoona began locking cages as she heard light purring from behind her.

"Hey girls, did ya' need something?" Lagoona tightened her web fist around a lock pad and locked it as no catgirl was going to bully her.

Since Lagoona got to Monster High the twin cat-girls had been teasing and cat-calling her every chance they got, but this was bold even for them, meaning only one thing.

"You smell that sister dear?" Purrsephone meowed as she danced around some floor equipment.

"Makes me hungry dear sister." Meowlody crawled on the floor as she licked her lips hotly. The two came together in the middle of the room, smiling at seawater-girl.

"If ya' two think I wouldn't fight ya, ya' got another thing comin'!" Lagoona stood her ground as the twins chuckled in each others fuzzy arms.

"Fight you? What makes you think we want to fight you?" The twins voices ran into one anothers as it creeped out the girl from down under.

"Ya' two are strange, ya' know that right?" Lagoona nodded and went back to locking cages. Suddenly the pair of kittens closed a cage on both sides of the fish girl and slapped handcuffs on her wrists. Lagoona's sea green eyes widened as she was suddenly turned and jerked off balance.

"What do ya' think ya' doin'?!" Lagoona yelled loudly as she heard the double doors close behind her. Purrsephone pushed Lagoona's upper body over a padded bar as her web feet came off the ground. The sickening jingle of the cuffs passed the aqua girl's ears as Meowlody locked her wrists to her slim ankles. The scaly girl wiggled on the bar as a different voice spoke up.

"Looks like we caught us a wild one girls." It was Toralei Stripe, the malicious prankster and fellow catgirl to the twins.

"This is'in funny guys, let me go!" Lagoona screamed.

"What's the rush? We just want to... hav' some fun with ya' luv." The orange catgirl mocked meanly as she strolled up next to the Aussie, her fingers dancing over Lagoona's thigh. The sea girl felt a tiny sliver of excitement and fear run up her back as her crotch unexpectedly became moist.

"When I get loose, ya'll be sorry." Lagoona continued to struggle around as she suddenly felt her gym shorts and underwear being slowly pulled from her hips. The cool air in the room caressed Lagoona's ass and slit as rough tongues suddenly tasted her fishy flesh.

"Stop that!" Lagoona yelled ruthlessly as Purrsephone wrapped a thin rag across the girls mouth, gagging her. With no more audible complaints, Toralei and the twins laid siege to Lagoona's scaly body with their scraping tongues and nibbling teeth.

"Is'in this fun?" Toralei asked offhandly as Lagoona shook her head wildly, feeling their teeth now digging into her soft skin. A faint whimper was gagged by the cloth as tears formed in the corners of Lagoona's eyes.

"Hey girls, our friends not having a good time." Toralei smiled evilly. "Let's get a good laugh out of her now."

The gnawing teeth and razing tongues paused as Lagoona felt light fingers grazing the bottoms of her feet and fins. She jerked suddenly, trying to avoid the tickling fingers as an unwarranted smile touched her face.

"There, now you're getting into it." Toralei grinned spitefully as she reached out and touched Lagoona's glistening crotch.

"Look Lagoona! Your pussy is leaking, don't worry I'll plug it up for you." The fish-skinned girl pursed her lips tightly as she felt Toralei's soft fingers spike inside her wet gap and against her fluffy nub.

"MMMMHAHAHAMMOP!!" The sea girl flinched as she couldn't resist anymore and cried out. The tickling was ungodly as the girl thrashed about, which only made Toralei's fingers danced inside her now dripping slit.
The more she tried to avoid the twins digits, the more Toralei's finger's punished her scaly flower as her cheeks flushed red. Her body began to sweat as the twins intense tongues and sharp teeth reappeared. Suddenly Lagoona looked into Toralei's green eyes.

"Something you want to say?" All of a suddenly the hair on all the cat-girls bodies began to stand on edge as a voice shouted at them.

"How DARE you treat my friend SO SHAMEFULLY!" It was Frankie glaring angrily at the trio of catgirls as electricity sparkled from her body.

"Hey we were just...." Meowlody started. "Having a little fun." Purrsephone finished.

"I don't see what's so funny." The stitched girl raised her fingers at the two girl as lightning shot from the tips. Both girl screamed painfully as they gripped each other and dropped to their knees, trembling.

"Damn you!" Toralei extented her clawed hands and lunged for Frankie's neck. The multi-skinned girl snatched the smaller catgirl by her wrist and crotch as a gasp shot from the feline's mouth.

"Give me the keys." Frankie demanded evenly, squeezing both her hands roughly as Toralei spat in the girl's face.

Frankie shook her head slowly and electricued the orange-furried girl. Toralei fell to the floor trembling and smoking as Frankie looked to the cat twins shaking in fear. Suddenly Meowlody tossed a pair of keys at the Frankie's feet as the Stein girl spoke again.

"Get out, and don't you dare let me catch you messing with my friend again!" Both girl's jumped to their feet, wiping their teary eyes and took off running.

"Ohhhh thank you luv, cut me loose will ya'?" Frankie grabbed the keys and freed her friend as Lagoona pulled up her knickers and rubbed her wrists.

"You rotten bitches!" Toralei grunted harshly as she slowly got to her wobbling hands and knees.

"Shut ya' trap!" Lagoona yelled out of character as she kicked the fuzzy girl in the stomach viciously.

"How about we give her a taste of her own medicine?" Frankie and Lagoona grinned at each as they grabbed the handcuffs and Toralei. The orange haired girl struggled this time as she found herself in the same situation as Lagoona.

"So what now?! I'm not ticklus." Toralei chuckled and licked her lips.

"Tickle? Oh no, no that won't do." Frankie shook her head as Lagoona rummage through some sporting equipment, looking for something.

"Here we go." Lagoona smiled as she lifted a cricket bat up to the light.

"What are y-you going to d-do with that?" The orange-haired girl whimpered weakly as Frankie pulled Toralei's shorts and panties down.

"You're a clever little pussy, figure it out." With that, the flat end of the cricket bat connected loudly against the catgirl's ass.

"YYYEEEEOOOWWWW!!!" Toralei screamed loudly as hot pain struck up from her ass.

"Did that hurt?" Lagoona grinned evilly as she lifted the paddle again.

"Ohhhh i-it hurts p-please stop!" The orange-furried girl sobbed pathicly as Lagoona hit her again and then again. Tears burst from Toralei's eyes now as the intense pain jolted her body unrelentingly.

Lagoona watched in awe as Toralei screamed and begged for her to stop but it only made the aqua girl smack her harder. Soon again, like before with Lagoona, the fur around Toralei's fuzzy flower became matted and sticky.

"Look at the kitty's sticky little pussy Lagoona." Frankie grinned wildly, strattling the back of Toralei's neck and spread her ass wide open.

"This is the only way you'll learn." Lagoona poked the catgirl's sore pussy and ass as Torelai whimpered childishly.

After about ten more lashes Lagoona finally relented as Frankie gripped the catgirl's hair and jerked it back. Toralei's face was a twisted mess, her make-up was running, most of her fur was wet and matted with sweat, spit, tears, and sex.

"We better hurry guys or we'll be late." Frankie smiled lightly as she uncuffed Toralei.

"Yeah hurry up Toralei!" Lagoona chuckled darkly, slapping the catgirl's ass with her hand as she headed for the door. Toralei screamed again and fell back off the bar, sobbing continually as Frankie and Lagoona left the orange-furried girl wirthing in pain on the equipment floor.


There was a light knock on a classroom door as Toralei slid quietly into the room.

"Ahhhh Miss Stripe, I'm glad you decided to join us today, now if you please take your seat." The teacher announced loudly as everyone turned and looked at the interupting catgirl.

"I'm sorry..." Toralei stared at the floor, walking to a open desk as her teacher snapped back.

"Not as sorry as your education is going to be if you continue to be late for class." The teacher continued to poke fun as Toralei looked up to see Frankie and Lagoona grinning hotly from behind and next to the empty seat.

"We save'd ya seat." Lagoona padded the seat next to her as Toralei stood next it, her ass starting to throb.

"Come on pussycat, we ain't got all day!" Frankie jumped out of her seat and forced Toralei into hers roughly by her shoulders.

"MMMMM!!!" Toralei chomped her lower lip to stop from crying out as Frankie leaned in and whispered into her ear.

"The equipment room after school..." Torelai swallowed deeply, fighting tears as Frankie licked the catgirls fuzzy ear. "Alone..."

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