Story: Monster High Unleashed (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Robecca Steam stood at her locker, looking a little run down as she slowly opened her locker combination. Her charger at home had been acting up again as she only felt half charged lately.

She opened her locker slowly as she looked inside and blushed a little. Next to a few tools and parts sat a taser gun. A simple thing, she told the others it was for protection, but it also did something else. Her charging system was set for a low intake, but in emergency or... pleasure her body could take direct shots of energy to restore her power cells. The only problem was overload, too much power would flip her "pleasure relief valve" shutting her down, but if it continued then... death would follow.

"No, I can wait for her...."

Robecca's copper skinned fingers caressed the gun as her face began to vibrated. She smiled deeply as her charging system fired to life. Electricity filled the air as her body shutter from the invisible feeling she enjoyed everyday since she started going to Monster High. The currents grew stronger against the old-fashioned girl's metallic frame as clopping heels moved closer to her.

"Good morning Robecca, how are you today?" A smooth, caring voice questioned happily as the metal girl's eyes and smile grew brightly.

"Great Frankie!" Blaring her greeting, Robecca didn't adjust her voice as the electric power radiating from the sitched-up girl was overflowing. Frankie looked at her friend strangely as the steampunker blushed.

"Sorry I'm only feeling half charged, if you know what I mean." Robecca whispered lightly as her voice picked up swiftly.

"Yeah I do! a good jolt never hurt anyone." Frankie's mixed eyes saw the stungun in the machine-girl's locker as she smirked lightly.

"Don't get the wrong idea, I use it only in emergencies, promise." The defense tactic got Robecca nowhere as Frankie was alot like her. They both needed power to live as the multi-skinned girl looked past her.

"And I-I don't do THAT in school and..." The robot girl continued to ramble on as Cleo suddenly stepped past her. Frankie swiftly stepped over, "accidently" bumping into her as the young mummy girl shoved her back.

"Watch it Stitch!" It was almost beautiful, Frankie twisted and tripped as she danced/fell right toward Robecca. The steampunk girl caught a strange smile crossing Frankie\\\\\\\'s face as she even tilted her head, making sure her neck bolt would make contact with her copper toned body. A bright flash blinded Cleo and the few others standing around as they all covered their eyes.

"THE MAKER!!!" Robecca cried hotly as the firey voltage from Frankie's neck bolt danced throughout her metal frame. Her charge system filled and flipped off as her pleasure valve peaked, sending her crashing into orgasm. Frankie's twitching body fell back against her locker, smoking a little as Robecca dropped to the floor, her legs spread under her skirt, reveling her soiled purple panties.

"Electric trash." Cleo grinned seeing the robot's panties too.

"Are you ok?" Frankie quickly helped Robecca to her feet.

"Please-%+? stop t-t-touching +#@& me." Robecca's voice was short circuiting as more static warmth passed through the girl's stitched hands.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." Frankie backed away slowly and into Cleo again as the mummy whispered over her shoulder.

"Hey Frankie, looks like your girlfriend sprung a leak." The black-haired girl chuckled as they both watched oil run down Robecca's legs.

"Excuse @&$# me!" The robot engaged her rocket boots as she took off flying, tears filling her eyes.

"Robecca wait! it was an accident!" Frankie called out as the ashamed girl only flew faster, wiping her eyes.

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