Story: Plainwalking fun (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Coming together

“I heard what happened Jace!” Ajani Goldmane yelled orderly as he burst into the blue mage’s main room. The one-eyed lion came to full height as he towered over the room.

“What about it Ajani, are you going to tell off Sorin and Chandra next, or maybe Sarkhan or Nissa that destroyed the Hedron?” Jace smirked from his chair as he leaned back. The only one that knew about the Eldrazi was Sorin he had disappeared. Sarkhan had gone mad, dwelling in the murmuring caves for too long and the rest had fled.

“I fear Nolas Bolas has forced the closing of the Eye of Ugin, I believe he plans to use the Eldrazi to distract everyone, it seems Ugin had a fail-safe and it has fell into place so we may have some time to...” Ajani couldn’t believe that it was mere chance that the 3 planeswalkers ended up in Akoum, but now something had to be done.

“And…” Jace had just done his job and his life wasn’t worth putting on the line for someone’s mistakes.

“The Eldrazi broods are running amok, and all you do is sit in your chair and smile!?! This is your fault and now your mission has damned us all!” Ajani growled viciously as he pointed his double-axed staff at the blue mage.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t simply put them back like a book on a shelf, besides Nissa destroyed the Hedron that trapped them, it’s impossible without the crystal and no one can fix it.” Jace said sharply as Ajani roared aloud.

“WRONG! There is one, Venser knows how to, Koth has found him and he is now in our care.” Ajani was not easy to anger, but he could not contain his rage by the recent events and more so with Jace’s deluded idea of nothing being wrong.

“Venser?!? He’s been twisted by the Phyrexia, and why would he help us?” Jace’s own anger was rising as he stood up, and stepped towards the giant lionin.

“Yawgmoth must know if the Eldrazi rise again, they will rape the planes he so desires.” Ajani’s tone was still hard, but he now had Jace’s complete attention and that was good enough.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend? What about the others?” Jace demanded curtly as Ajani glared at him with his one eye.

“I have sent my message to some of the other planeswalkers and tribes across numerous planes; I WILL receive help against the Eldrazi with... or without you.” Ajani didn’t feel like explaining himself, knowing Jace was all too curious to who was going to join him against the Eldrazi. Madness though Jace, and to anyone crazy enough to stand against the Eldrazi but his curiosity was peaked now.

He had to know.

“Who?” Jace snapped.

“That’s on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know.” Ajani turned with a smile on his face and headed back for the door.

Like clockwork, Jace spoke up.

“Fine! You have my magic at your disposal Ajani, now speak.” It pained Jace to cater to Ajani’s request, but what choice did he have? The Eldrazi broods had been spotted on just about every plane, including his own.

“Let us discuss this over food and drink, there is much to explain.” Ajani smiled for the first time as Jace nodded. The two planeswalkers walked out of the room as Ajani began to list his help.

In the swamps of Guul Draz outside Malakir, Nissa Revane and Chandra Nalaar made their way through the foul bog.

“Why are you trying to find Liliana Vess anyway? Is it to learn more black magic? I was told black magic was forbidden for elves to learn.” Chandra asked away carelessly as she dredged behind the beautiful, dark-haired elf girl.

“That’s none of your business, and why are you still following me?” Nissa inquired rudely as she stepped into something slimy and treaded on.

“You’re kidding right!?! You smashed that crystal and let those Eldrazi things out so I’m going to make sure you seal them monsters away, got that?” Chandra barked meanly as she grabbed Nissa’s shoulder. Fury consumed Nissa as she slapped the fiery girl’s hand away.

“Don’t you fucking touch me! And it wasn’t just my fault you and Jace weakened it by fighting Sarkhan!” Nissa got into Chandra’s face as the red-magic girl suddenly head-butted the elf in the face.

“You betrayed Sorin and doomed your own plane!” Chandra wasn’t playing around anymore.

“Pyro bitch!” Nissa stumbled backwards as she quickly gained her footing and tackled Chandra into a murky little pond. The two struggled ferociously, exchanging blows as the ground around them started to move about them secretly. The red head rolled the elf girl onto her back and pummeled her unmercifully.

“Goodnight!” Just as Chandra was ready to deliver the final blow, something jerked her off Nissa. Nissa leaned up to see Chandra high in the air held by her wrists and ankles by swamp-like hands, yelling ever cuss she knew.

“Let me fucking GO!!!” Chandra screamed violently as her hands and hair came ablaze. Freeing her hands, she looked down at Nissa.

“Are you just going to fucking sit there and watch?” Chandra burned the tendril off her ankles as she soared into the crimson sky. Nissa looked around as dredged skeletons rose from the swamp. At full height, a voice rang throughout their empty heads.

"Kill the planeswalkers."

Nissa raised her staff into the air as she conjured up her green magic, ready to fight. Chandra looked around as she saw a 360 degree view of what they were up against.

"Nissa!" Chandra yelled back as hundreds of black creatures seem to come out of the swamp all at once.

"Yeah?" The elf girl had already started fighting an army of zombies and skeletons as she looked up.

"It\'s about to get ugly." Chandra pulled her arms back and threw them forward, unleashing a massive streak of fire. Nissa smashed another zombie in the face as she scanned through the hundreds of attackers.

"No vampires? It must be her."

"Jesus there\'s hundreds of them." The fire-haired girl soared around Nissa, napalming everything around her.
With a cleared area Nissa dug her hand into the ground. The swamp\'s mana stung her at first as she began to absorb it.

"Massive Terror!" Nissa yelled, casting a huge black spell. Most of the zombies and skeletons fell to the ground as an eerie silence fell over the swamp.

"Damn!" Chandra raised her eyebrows as Nissa raised her staff over head again.

“Liliana Vess! I know you are here! Show yourself!” The elf girl demanded as she looked around as a dark fog began to close in on her.

“Who would be foolish enough to summon me in my own domain?” A female voice echo throughout the swamp as both girls paused.

“Nissa Revane! Now show yourself witch!” The dim fog surrounded Nissa’s feet and began to rise.

“Black suffocation!” The voice roared as Nissa knew it was not for her.

“Chandra!” The elf girl yelled up to the fire mage as some unseen force grabbed Chandra by her throat and choked her to the ground.

“Release my companion Vess; we come here merely to talk.” Nissa almost pleaded as the invisible hands disappeared from around Chandra’s neck. The red head’s fire when out as her lungs fought for air.

“Why would I want to talk to a bratty fire mage, and a broken elf?” Red eyes appeared in the darkness as a face followed with a wicked grin. Nissa’s sharp ears heard a soft whisper in the air as Chandra finally got to her knees, still gasping.

“My friend here is telling me, you’ve awoke an ancient murderous race back in Akoum and seek Sorin.” Liliana continued to smile as she nodded her head, chuckling at the veil voice speaking in to her ear.

“Is your friend a vampire?” Nissa asked as Liliana suddenly burst with laughter.

“Yes, and no she is a vampire shade, and I wouldn’t be worrying about the Nirkana. I’d be more concerned with who them blood-trackers are working for.” Liliana smiled as she came into full view.

“Vampires?” Nissa asked as Liliana nodded.

“Maybe Geth, but more likely Kalasria.” Liliana guessed as Chandra came to her senses.

“Why would vampires care about us?” Chandra snarled as Liliana giggled.

“Planeswalkers blood is highly valued among vampires and your females too so that’s a major plus.” Vess floated carelessly around them.

“And you two would be worth a fortune.” Liliana danced in the air as Nissa and Chandra remained on guard.

“Would you be seeking that fortune witch?” Chandra glared continuously at the black mage as she started to hum.

“Maybe… But then again we can always make a deal.” Liliana hung upside-down as Chandra stormed forward.

“We don’t want your damned deal!” The red head stood in front of the elf girl as something whispered into Nissa’s ear.

“We can smell the poison in your blood planeswalker… but the fire mage is pure emotion, her blood makes us lust for her.”

Nissa shook her head strangely as she stared at Chandra.

“But let’s be honest now, why did you seek me out?” Liliana continued to enlarge her chat as she grinned at Nissa’s sudden mental shift.

“We can sense the darkness in you elf child, your despair, your failure is making your black magic thrive.”

“I wasn’t fucking looking for you Nissa was, but yes we need Sorin to lock the Eldrazi back in Akoum.” Chandra yelled as she pointed back at Nissa. Liliana seemed less interested with the fire mage as she stole glances at Nissa losing it.

“But as with all black magic, it all has its price.”

“As far as I know Sorin is in Malakir and as for you…” Liliana smiled lightly as Nissa stood right behind Chandra.

“Well have a look.” Chandra turned around to find Nissa grinning wildly at her as she had her stem staff raised. The elf girl struck Chandra hard as the planeswalker dropped to the ground with a thud.

“Shall we begin?” Liliana chuckled as a horde of vampires appeared all around the now darker planeswalker.

“Yes, my master.” Nissa licked her lips as she looked down at Chandra’s lifeless-looking body.

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