Story: Sick Day (chapter 1)

Authors: VG_Addict

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Chapter 1

Sick Day, A Gokujou Seitokai Fanfic

I've noticed that is SEVERELY lacking in Gokujou Seitokai (Or Best Student Council) fanfics! I mean, I've only seen like, EIGHT GS/BSC fanfics on the internet. EIGHT! Well, I'm hoping to fix that with a Sayuri/Rein fic. Basically, Sayuri takes care of a sick Rein. Warning: Cuteness ahead!"Sayuri, I feel bad, awful, and terrible." Rein said weakly, as Sayuri looked down at her ailing friend with obvious concern in her eyes. The brown-haired girl lay in bed with a thermometer in her mouth, still clad in her pajamas, while Sayuri was dressed in her school uniform. The glasses-wearing girl pulled the thermometer out of her friend's mouth, and read it. "40 Degrees Celsius. You have a fever, Rein." Sayuri said, putting the thermometer down on the table nearby. "But Sayuri, I'm on the Assault Squad, what if something happens and they require, want, and need me?" Rein complained, as she tried to get out of bed, only to be pushed back in by her friend. "Rein, you're sick. You need your rest. I'll go talk to the vice-president, and ask her if I can take the day off so I can look after you. I'll be back in a few minutes, OK?" The glasses-wearing girl leaned over to her sick friend, gently cupping her cheek in a maternal manner. Rein blushed slightly, and she knew it wasn't just because of the fever, but she just nodded. With that, Sayuri left the room to go talk to Nanaho.

Rein laid her head back on the soft, crisp pillow, and thought about what just happened between her and Sayuri. Why did I blush just then? Rein wondered to herself. Could I possibly love, like, and have feelings for Sayuri? I mean, we've known each other for years, but why did it take me this long to realize my feelings for her? Rein's head was still swimming with questions as she fell into a fitful sleep.

"Rein, wake up." a calm voice suddenly said. Rein opened her eyes to see Sayuri looking down at her. "S-Sayuri?" Rein said sleepily. Sayuri told Rein about her talk with Nanaho, and how she agreed to give her the day off, so that she could take care of her. Rein smiled slightly at the news, as she knew she was in good hands. Though, she felt a little bit sorry for their partner, Kaori. She was probably going to have to work twice as hard, due to half of the Assault Squad being absent.

"Oh, and here's some chicken soup, to help you feel better." Sayuri said, putting a medium-sized, white bowl on Rein's stomach. Rein looked at her friend suspiciously. Neither her nor Sayuri could cook at all, and she was already feeling pretty lousy. Sayuri laughed at her friend's expression. "Relax, Landlady made it." Rein's expression instantly softened, and put a spoonful of the soup to her mouth. It was neither too cold or too hot, there were plenty of noodles, and it was just, well, delicious. Rein happily ate the rest of the soup, making her friend smile softly at her. "It's great that you feel well enough to eat." she said, petting Rein gently on the head. "Sayuri?" Rein spoke softly. "Yes, Rein?" came the equally soft reply. "I can tell, inform, and announce anything to you, right?" Rein said, slightly nervously. Sayuri smiled. "Of course, Rein. You're my best friend." "I-I don't want us to be friends anymore. S-Sayuri, I-I love you." The glasses-wearing girl was quiet for what seemed like an hour, when it was only 5 minutes. Rein looked as though she were about to cry. "I knew you could never love me ba-" Rein was cut off by a gentle kiss on the lips. Sayuri smiled at Rein's surprised expression, and leaned close to the other girl's ear. "I love you too, Rein." she whispered.

Well, that's pretty much it. I don't exactly expect TONS of reviews, but some would be nice. If Sayuri or Rein are OOC, I profusely apologize

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