Story: Truth is Hard to Understand (chapter 1)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - The Words That Won't Come

[Author's notes:

A/N: This chapter was spur of the moment and thus, regretably a bit short. The word length of the following chapters will be longer as more plot, the action, and smut stuff find their way into this fic. ^.^ Stick with me folks! I'm going places with this! XD

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Claire, Elle, Monica, Noah, Sandra | Elle/Claire/Monica
Prompt: Shaving  (this only applies for this chapter, not the whole fic)
Spoilers: No real spoilers, other then Rebel's idenitity (assuming you've seen the show, otherwise, you're safe) and Claire being adopted.
Warnings: Slight AU, established threesome relationship, angst.
Word count: 1,061


Truth is Hard to Understand
Chapter 1 - The Words That Won't Come

"Shit." Elle grumbled.

"What happened?" Claire asked, looking away from the mirror where she had been putting on her make-up.

"I cut myself while shaving." The blonde said, showing her leg to her girlfriend.

Claire smirked at the pout Elle gave her. "Oh, you'll be fine. Hurry up, Monica's waiting for us."

"You can kiss it better or something, you know."

"If I do that, it'll lead to something more and Monica will be extremely pissed if we leave her out of another bathroom romp."

Frowning, but relenting, Elle went back to shaving her legs, itching to get the night over and done with. She was eager for the after party between her and her beautiful girlfriends.

"Why are we doing this again?" The blonde asked, beginning to feel anxious.

"It's my father's birthday..."

Elle scoffed. "Which one again?"

"The one that raised me." Claire answered, unamused by Elle's behavior. "He wants me there and if I have to go, so do you and Mon."

Finally finished shaving, Elle rinsed off her leg with the removable shower head before drying up and grabbing some toilet paper to stop her bleeding cut.

"He doesn't even know you're sleeping with both of us, so why do we both have to suffer?"

"First off, Monica is pretty excited to go. Second, I don't trust you alone with anyone and third..." The former cheerleader placed her lipstick down and turned to her girlfriend with a soft smile. "I think I'm going to tell him tonight. So it would be nice if you were both there."

With a sigh, Elle abandoned her not-so-bad cut and took hold of one of Claire's hands.

"You know how Noah is. Are you positive me and Monica won't suddenly go missing?" A slight flash of panic passed through her eyes. "You know how I feel about the Company."

Claire's smile faltered slightly as she squeezed the blonde's hand.

"That won't happen. You know I won't let it happen. Not to you or anyone else." She kissed the worried woman's lips. "Besides, we have Rebel on our side."

"What's up with my cousin?" A voice asked from the doorway.

They looked up at the third to their relationship, smiling at Monica.

"Princess is going to tell her daddy about us and she was just reassuring me that he won't cart you and I off to the Company." Elle answered, genuinely glad to see the other woman. The fact that Monica was drop dead gorgeous in her sapphire, low cut neck, cleavage-gently-showing dress had little to do with that.

"Seriously?" Monica asked, genuinely surprised.

"Why are both so surprised by this?"

"Because, your daddy is the enemy." The girl by the door answered honestly.

Claire frowned at her girlfriends. "I'm telling you, everything will be fine."

"I've heard that before." Elle said feeling uneasy.

Noah Bennet was surprised when his daughter showed up with Elle and Monica. He knew the girls and knew his daughter had befriended them, but it was hard to pretend that they didn't both have potentially deadly powers. He forced a smile for his daughter's sake, but the part of him that worked for the Company left him on edge. It was only a matter of time before their kind turned on humanity. It made him cringe a little to know that his daughter was techinically one of them.

"Happy birthday, Dad!" Claire exclaimed, hugging her father.

"Claire-bear, I'm so glad to see you." A pause. "And your friends. Hello girls."

"Mr. Bennet, nice to see you." Monica said, forcing her own smile as she handed the man his present.

"Thank you, Monica."

Elle nodded at Noah as she entered the residence, keeping her guard up. It wasn't that she didn't like Noah, she'd known him for most of her life. However, he represented a part of her life that she was working hard to forget.

"Hello, Elle."


"Well, dad, I'm glad to see you're still healthy." Claire inserted herself before the party turned sour.

Surprisingly, the party turned out well. Granted, it was only made up of the Bennet family and several family friends and thus, it was a small party. When the family friends left and Lyle went up to his room, having school in the morning, Claire sat down with her parents. From the kitchen, Monica and Elle listened in silence to the ensuing conversation, ready to run if Noah exploded. That and their girlfriend had warned them about destroying the house, so running was their only option if they wanted Claire to remain happy with them.

"Mom. Dad. I have something I need to tell you both."

"What is it, honey?" Sandra said with a smile, concern filling her like a burst dam.

"I-I don't really know how to say this..." The blonde said, shifting uneasily.

"You know you don't have to be afraid of telling us anything." Noah said.

"That's easier said then done. Letting you both know about my power wasn't a fun ride in the least."

"I doubt what you're worried about telling us is as life changing as that." Sandra said, reaching over and cradling her daughter's cheek.

Tears welled up in Claire's eyes at her mother's touch. She hadn't expected this to be so hard. In the kitchen, Elle and Monica gripped each other's hands as they felt the unease of their girlfriend.

"I like... I'm in love... with..." The blonde bit her lip, panicking and getting to her feet. "No. Forget it. It's nothing. I have to go."

She was darting across the living room before her parents could fully grasp what was happening.

"Elle. Monica. Come on, we're leaving." She said as she passed the kitchen.

Surprised the girls followed her out the door as Claire yelled an assurance to her now following parents that everything was okay and that she would call them tomorrow. Outside, they loaded into Elle's car and drove off into the night. The blonde was silent as they drove.

"You know, it's okay that you didn't tell them." Monica said, caressing Claire's arm from the backseat. "You'll tell them when you're ready. It'll be okay."

Elle placed a hand on Claire's thigh and flashed her a smile. "Monica's right. So don't worry about it."

Claire didn't answer, only nodded her head as she stared out the window.

*To be continued*

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