Story: Code Geass [Unleashed] (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: True Knight

[Author's notes: Nunnally and Alice try spending some time together... but will Nemo let them?]

“Nunnally, you’re guest is here.” Sayoko called from the front door as Nunnally raced to the door with all the might her little arms could wheel her.

“You’re moving awfully fast.”

Nemo’s power filled in as the chair began to really move. The wide halls made movement easy as Nemo chuckled mischievously, rounding the corner slightly lifting the left wheel off the floor. Since their contract, Nemo had kept the young girl company, but in a menacing way. Teasing, yet loving like an incestuous sister, and with her mother murdered and brother’s disappearance, she was mostly alone with Sayoko… but now.

“My best friend is here.” The blind blonde explained brightly as she could sense the heat from the front door and hear the small conversation between Sayoko and Alice.

“What about your-?!?” Nemo grinned as she started to prick the girl about her family. Nunnally’s anger and rage fueled Nemo, giving her a little more control over the girl’s body.

“Shut up! Don’t blame me for your friendlessness mud-doll.”

Nunnally yelled orderly in her head as a giant smile crossed her face.

“Alice!” The blind girl called out as she skidded to a stop at the door. Nemo muttered curses under her breath as she let her better half handle the societal interaction.

“Hey wheels!” Alice smiled vibrantly as she climbed onto the crippled girl’s lap. Nunnally shifted uncomfortably as she accommodated the new weight.

“You’re heavy, walk on your own two feet.” Nunnally huffed aloud as Nemo giggled darkly inside.

“You need to work them little chicken arms, now mush!” Alice commanded as Nunnally just wheeled around and headed back down the hall.

“You girls have fun; I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Sayoko spoke from the door as she let herself out in her most dismissive manner. Nunnally rolled the pair down the hall as Alice stretched on top of her.

“You know I was forced to babysit you Nunny-kun.” Alice grinned as she poked the crippled girl’s cheek. The blonde gritted her teeth behind closed lips as Nemo fired alive.

“Little bitch, don’t touch HER!”

Nemo snarled as Nunnally reacted quickly.

“Stop it.” Nunnally caught the girl’s finger in a light bite as Alice yelped with a bit of a laugh. Nunnally started to sway lazily from side to side as Alice enjoyed the ride.

“What are you doing?” Alice asked lightly as she looked up at the smiling girl.

“Hold on.” One of Nunnally’s wheels clicked a button on the floor as a door swung open to the left. Alice looked into the room as the floor suddenly dropped into a deep ramp.

“Nunnally!” Alice quickly wrapped her arms around the handicapped girl’s neck as the two raced down a spiraling ramp to the basement.

“Faster, faster, faster!!!”

Nemo raised Nunnally’s arms as she yelled in excitement, her wheels safely rolling down a build-in track, while Alice clenched her tightly. Speed was Alice’s geass but that’s when she had control of it, not the other way around.

“It’s more fun if you raise your hands Alice!” Nunnally joked loudly as the two slowed to the basement floor.

“You’re crazy, what if I had fallen and hurt myself.” Alice protested carelessly as she jumped off her friend’s lap.

“It would teach you two walk on your own two feet, now wouldn't it?” Nunnally giggled as she continued down the new hallway. Alice smiled to herself as she caught up next to her friend. Suddenly Nemo’s sneaky chuckle made Nunnally frown again.

“Ahhh, she’s so cute.”

Nemo purred viciously as she circled the smiling school girl, walking next to her significant other.

“So what do you do around here for fun?” Alice wondered as she looked around the large room.

“Would you like some tea?” Nunnally asked sweetly as Alice nodded.

“That would be great, it will makeup for all the times I couldn't.” Alice smiled back as she let Nunnally lead her.

“How about eating your pussy?”

Nemo suggested rudely as Nunnally was losing her patients with her inner witch.

“Shut up!” Snapped Nunnally as Alice raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you.” Nunnally recovered quickly as Alice still held a confused look.

“Then who, nevermind.” Alice shook her head as Nunnally sighed in relieve. The two came into an in-closed patio with large glass windows. Beautiful sunlight poured in on them when out of the blue Nunnally felt her bladder radio her brain as it was time to relieve herself.

“I have to go to the bathroom… could you maybe?” Nunnally asked shyly as a small blush worked up her face.

“Yeah, sure.” Replied Alice as she cracked her neck and stretched her arms, smirking all the while.

“You don’t have to do that.” Nunnally smiled as she pointed at the blonde.

“I wasn’t stretching, jus’ a chink.” Lied Alice as she was surprised to be caught by the blind girl.

“Ok let’s go.” The two headed to the bathroom as Nemo spoke up.

“Here’s your chance.”

Nemo knew Nunnally had a crush on this girl, but she also knew the blind girl hadn’t the courage to tell her.

“She’ll be watching you pee, doesn’t that make you horny?”

“She’s my friend so don’t say things like that.” Nunnally answered back as they made it to the bathroom.

“Ready?” Alice questioned as the blind girl lifted her arms. Alice placed Nunnally on the toilet as she suddenly blushed, staring at her friend’s crotch.

“I-It’s ok.” Nunnally smiled as she lifted her dress, waiting. Alice shallowed deeply as she leaned over and wrapped her fingers into the sides of the girl’s panties and pulled them down. Nunnally’s sweet female scent filled Alice’s nose instantly as a wave of hotness flushed throughout her body. Alice had spent many a night masturbating to the though of seeing her friend naked and now she was staring at Nunnally’s perfectly outlined slit.

“Thank you Alice, you’re a good friend.” Nunnally beamed with delight as she hastily shuttered and started peeing. Alice should have looked away, but just found herself staring at the stream of piss leaving her friend and splashing into the water below.

“She’s watching you Nunnally, and she likes it.”

Nemo whispered hotly as she watched the girl lick her lips. Alice’s bladder became aware of it’s fullness as well as she unbuttoned her pants and dropped her panties. Nunnally’s sharp hearing heard the rustling of cloths as she looked her friend over.

“I’m almost done… Alice!” Nunnally flinched back as Alice sat in the blonde haired girl’s lap, her legs spread.

“I got to go now too.” Alice pouted childishly as she leaned into her friend and with the same shutter she sprayed her own pee-pee into the toilet.

“Nunnally…” Alice whispered weakly, curling her back as her stream hit her friend’s clit. A jolt of excitement lit the crippled girl’s body on fire as Nemo carried on curtly.

“Kiss her Nunnally; take from her what you want!”

Nemo’s voice and sway began to pick up as she gripped Alice’s upper arms.

“I don’t want to take her, she’s not herself, this is'in right!”

Nunnally fired back as she felt eyes slowly opening.

“I’m you’re knight! Leave her to me!”

Nemo’s greed grin cracked Nunnally’s face as the polite, caring girl disappeared into darkness. Alice continued moaning over the blind girl's shoulder as Nemo suddenly snatched her hair over her back.

“Nunnally?!?” Alice’s eyes widened she saw Nunnally’s true eyes. They burned hot pink with malice and hate, swirling like murderous whirlpools of hell.

“This girl! She’s not the real Nunnally… Her eyes are so full of hatred and lust… their not hers now, so who…?”

“Nunnally?” Alice looked confused at the grinning girl as she received a rough shake of the head.

“She is a bit shy, so I’m filling in for her, I’m…” Nemo paused as she tried to think of a name and couldn't.

“Nemo…” Nunnally smiled darkly as she positioned her feet to the floor and pushed “her” body up. Alice looked down at the blind, crippled girl standing on her own two feet as her face and eyes caught Alice’s full attention.

“Surprised? You should be…” Nemo dropped her hand from the other girl's hair and gripped the front of her “friends” shirt. Nemo slowly lifted the blonde off her feet as she pushed her fist into Alice’s neck. “… Well, now always.”

“Nunnally stop! You’re hurting me.” Alice said feebly as she was really ready to kick this Nemo’s ass and get Nunnally back.

“But I’ll be hurting Nunnally.”

Alice reasoned as Nemo impulsively tossed her aside, jolting the blonde’s mind.

“I know who you are Alice… “The New Flash” right? Of the “Irregulars” your Geass is “The Speed” Nemo ticked off as Alice tumbled across the bathroom floor as she looked up, glaring at her sweet, kind-hearted friend that was being controlled by someone else.

“I will never forgive you for what you’re doing to my friend!!!” Alice darted straight at the menacing girl as Nemo smirked.

“Damn you witch!” Alice struggled in place as Nemo held her fist effortlessly.

“She’s faster then me, no…”

“…it’s something else, she can predict my moves some how.”

Alice tried to piece together the situation as she was stumped for the first time in a long time.

“Damn, where are the others when you need them!”

“Think fast Alice-chan!” Nunnally’s small hand curved back swiftly as she made Alice punch herself in the face, stumbling back she was also met with a flying jump kick. The blonde’s body slammed hard into the bathroom door as the wood cracked under the brutal pressure.

“Y-you’re evil! Leave my friend alone! Take me instead!” Alice mustered her voice as she exhausted her breath with her offer, sliding heroically to the floor. Nemo raised her eyebrows as she walked to the downed girl and leaned over.

“Nah, I like Nunnally, besides, I’m her knight now, not some fake geass using bitch like you, so piss off.” Alice’s astonished face found Nemo’s again as she just couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Y-You’re her knight… where’s you’re knightmare frame, Show me!” Alice smirked as she screamed into the girl’s face.

“You shouldn’t speak to Nunna…?!? Nunnally tried to flinch back knowingly as Alice grabbed both of Nemo’s wrists.

“Shut up Nemo!” Alice suddenly head-butted Nunnally in her cute face as her geass sig glowed on her forehead. Nemo roared violently and staggered back.

“Didn’t see that shit coming did ya?” Alice was already on her feet as she pushed her poor friend into the shower.

“Bitch! I’ll kill you!” Nemo threatened, trying to gain her footing, but slipped on a small patch of water. Falling, Nunnally’s head hit the side of the shower and fell back.

“I’m sorry.” Alice turned on the cold water and climbed on top of her friend. A small hit, but Nemo knew this body was so much more powerful then it let on.

“Please… GIVE NUNNALLY BACK NOW!!!” Alice shrieked at the top of her lungs as she slapped Nunnally in her snarling face.

“Make me bitch!” Nemo grunted as she started losing her grip on Nunnally’s body, still trying to stand and meet the “Irregular” head on, soaking wet or not.

“ENOUGH!!!” Nunnally screamed as her dangerous eyes slowly closed and knees buckled under her.

“No, no Nunnally please I was ready…” Nemo thrashed around as Alice hit Nemo again, the water falling with her tears.

“You’re done NEMO!” Nunnally ordered as she exhaled and lay back under the cold water splashing on her. The two sat silently as only the water soaking them urged confrontation.

“You never told me…” Alice wiped her face with a sob as Nunnally’s lower lip trembled.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t like me anymore… L-Like I was a freak or something.” Nunnally’s tears poured down her draining face as she lifted her hand to Alice’s face.

“It’s my fault; I shouldn’t have acted so perverted earlier.” Alice apologized as Nunnally hushed her.

“No, it’s because I wasn’t honest with myself, I let my mind cloud with doubt and I couldn’t take the risk of losing our friendship.” Nunnally closed the distant between the two as Alice turned red.

“Nunnally, my face is a mess, I look like a drown rat.” Alice slowly backed away as the blonde haired girl locked her hands behind her wet friend’s neck.

“I don’t care what you look like, I love you for you.” Alice sobbed aloud as she flapped her hand at her face. Instantly they were connected at the lips as the tongues soon entered the scrum. Moments passed as both girls pulled back gasping for air.

“Nunnally, you’re a good friend, so can we take it slow?” Alice blushed as Nunnally smirked but not in a dark way.

“The Flash wants to go SLOW?” Alice wasn’t sure, but she had feeling Nemo was still there, just waiting, ready to strike down anyone that wanted to cause harm to Nunnally even with lethal force if needed.

“Please… Don’t tell anyone.” Nunnally’s soft demeanor put Alice at ease but for only a second.

“I should report this, Nemo may be…”

“Pinky-promise me.” Nunnally’s held out her balled fist to the side with only her pinky sticking out.

“What’s that?” Alice asked stupidly as she didn’t know what to do.

“It’s the old way the Japanese used to make powerful promises to one another.” Nunnally explained as Alice snailed her hand forward and locked pinky’s with Nunnally.

“If I tell a lie, stick a needle in my eye.” Nunnally sung happily as Alice pumped her fist at the same speed with the sing-song promise.

“Yeah, needle in the eye, got it.” Alice’s tom-boyishness seconded as she wiped her face.

“Good, did you still want tea?” Nunnally was completely back to normal as what just happened was all well, and all forgotten to Alice... kind of.

“Sure, let me help you.” Alice cradled Nunnally in her arms and set her back in her wheel-chair dripping wet.

“Hey Alice, they’re some robes in the closet over there.” The blonde girl’s smile melted in Alice’s mind as the pleasant sound of Nunnally’s harmless voice had returned.

“Yeah, no problem.” Both girls stripped down, dawned dry robes as they headed to the sun room to dry off and enjoy tea.

“Nemo and Nunnally huh?”

Alice shook her head, pushing Nunnally’s wheelchair as this young, crippled, blind girl in front of her was a force to be reckoned with. Nemo is Nunnally’s anger and angst… And Nunnally is Nemo’s peace and love.

“I guess that makes sense.”

Alice thought as she knew everyone had a little darkness in their hearts and Nunnally was not exempt from the cruel, harsh world around her. Instead gained power and strength most could only dream of.

“She must be that strange Knightmare frame everyones been talking about!!!”

Alices’s hands dropped from the handles as Nunnally slowed to a stop and looked back.

“What is it Alice?” Smirked Nunnally as Alice flinched back.

“Nothing, I was daydreaming, sorry.” Alice resumed her grip and pushed the “harmless” girl into the sunshine.

“Nothing at all…”


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