Story: Code Geass [Unleashed] (chapter 10)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 10

Title: Bathroom Bother

[Author's notes: Nunnally gets caught by some upperclassman.]

Nunnally Lamperouge sat at her desk doing her work as she squeezed thighs together.

“Ohhhh, I’m almost done.”

She squirmed in her seat, unable to focus back on her work as she suddenly raised her hand and was excused. Standing up she relieved the pressure on her bladder as she realized she had to go badly. In the hall she took off running as she headed straight for the bathroom. Her face dropped as an “out of order” sign hung from the door handle.

“You got to be kidding me.”

The girl danced in place as she looked around.

“Where can I…? the second floor!”

She raced to and up the stairs as she gripped her crotch unlady-like. She hit the second floor landing and swung open the door. The floor was empty and silent as she practically skipped down the hall until seeing the girl’s bathroom dead ahead. Darting in, she paid little attention to her surroundings as she bolted in the first door stall she saw.

In the next stall a blonde stood on the toilet seat as a red head licked and sucked her cunt ferociously. The blonde wobbled as the hazel-eyed girl ruthlessly pinched the others sensitive bud, keeping on the edge of orgasm. Nunnally’s panties had just cleared her hips as hushed voices filled her ears. ''Did you hear that Milly?'' The green eyed girl paused as the blonde just continued to moan.

“What’s wrong Kallen?” Milly whined quietly, bucking her hips at the red head's mouth as Kallen looked over, her tongue still rooting out her friend's sopping slit.

“Company…” Kallen smiled widely, lifting off Milly’s cunt with a smile as feet and white panties filled Kallen’s vision at the bottom of the next stall. Nunnally started peeing, watching a set of feet turn as another set joined them.

“Underclassman!” Kallen yelled as she ran out of her stall and kicked open Nunnally’s. The girl yelped with surprise as she fell back, pissing on herself. Nunnally tired scrabbling to her feet as she slipped and pissed all over her panties and the upper-classmate’s feet. Kallen started at her feet and tracked the slowing stream of piss back to its owner.

“W-What do y-you want?” Nunnally asked in an ashamed voice as she fidgeted around on the floor.

“You know you’re in the wrong bathroom, right girl?” Kallen smirked extensively as she stepped on Nunnally’s panties. Nunnally yanked her legs back speedily as her panties remained under the red head’s foot.

“What’s going on?” Milly popped her head into the stall as she saw the floor.

“Ewwww, gross!” The sweating blonde said childishly as she looked to Kallen smirking.

“First, let’s get rid of these pissy-panties of yours, and I guess it’s time you pay the toll too.” Kallen announced as she slid her foot back, sliding the wet panties into the middle of the bathroom floor. Milly moved into the stall next to her very close friend and closed the door behind her.

“T-Toll?” Nunnally stuttered as she finally got to her feet, ass naked under her skirt.

“Yeah, toll, you fuckin’ deaf?” Kallen leveled her face off with Nunnally’s, snarling.

“She’s cute.” Milly clapped her hands together with a catlike smile.

“How much is toll?” Nunnally was quick as Kallen watched the girl reach into her pocket. Grins worked up both upperclassmen's faces as Nunnally frowned at their creepy reaction.

“What the hell is wrong with these two?”

Kallen shook her head as she stared into the girl’s bright pink eyes.

“Haven’t you heard what happens to lowerclassmen when they use the upperclassmen bathroom?” Kallen moved closer as Milly was fast to flank, pushing the young girl to the back of the stall.

“Well it’s not too much…, just eat Milly out and you’re paid up.” Kallen reasoned lightly as Milly moaned whiningly and touched herself.

“You were too rough with her, now she's so sore.” Blushing, the president lifted her skirt, flashing off her swollen, red pussy as Kallen rolled her eyes.

“This is insane; get this girl’s friend off? What kind of toll is this?”

“Sissy, ok…” Kallen looked back at the younger blonde as her stomach flipped.

“She’s so adorable.”

The green-eyed girl blushed lightly as she suddenly wanted to pleasure this young girl so bad it hurt, but why? So many girls had come before and now everything was different with this one? It didn’t make sense and really it didn’t matter, everyone had to pay. Milly had the same look in her eyes as she nodded at her friend.

“You forgot to wipe, let us help you.” Both girls dashed to their knees and pinned Nunnally’s legs to the wall.

“No, stop!” Nunnally placed her hands on the assaulting girl’s shoulders as their heads slipped under her skirt. Kallen wasted no time ramming her tongue into the trembling girl’s gap as Milly snuggled her mound, looking for her clit. Nunnally shook in place as she was overcome by the two girls generous offer. Was it panic, fear, excitement? It was so text-book in her mind; girls coming onto other girls in an all girls school bathroom.

“Ohhhh, she smells so good I’d hate to lose this one.” Milly stuffed her face next to Kallen’s as they double-teamed Nunnally’s dripping breach. Her pink eyes shut instantly as she lifted straight to her toes in pure bliss. Nunnally’s mind spun as the blonde and red head toyed and teased her poor inflamed lower lips viciously, but now they had crossed the line of lust. As creepy and weird as the two were, they had one rule, no rape. Kallen tapped Milly’s leg as they both leaned back, beaming and licking their lips.

“Why… d-did you stop?” Nunnally wheezed weakly as she looked down at both girls. Kallen got to her feet first and straightened her skirt.

“It’s a shame really, you’re still wet.” Kallen’s tone was matter of fact as she helped Milly up and kissed her deeply, both enjoying the new taste they had just found. Nunnally’s hands and eyes dropped to her kneecaps as she panted for breath.

“Yeah, sorry about that we tried drying you, but…” Milly smiled wickedly as she wiped the corner of her mouth with her finger.

“B-But, you t-two?” Nunnally swayed as she tired straightening her posture.

“Well you did say “No, stop!” didn’t you?” Kallen mocked jokingly as Milly tilted her head with a giggle.

“Yeah I heard it too, unless you want us to…” Milly's hand hid a smile as her tongue continued to cruise her lips.

“I’m ready to pay the toll, please… finish drying me.” Nunnally respectively bowed her head as she leaned up and lifted her skirt as well. Kallen looked at Milly slyly as they resumed their positions.

“I’m sorry; we didn’t get your name?” Kallen said properly as they jabbed their mouths back into action. Both girls bit down on both sides of Nunnally’s puffy labia and pulled.

“N-NUNNALLY LAMPEROUGE!!!” The painfully nips of her responsive skin forced a beastly call of her name, as the blonde fell back against the wall.

“Kallen Kouzuki.” Kallen stood up swiftly as she patted Milly’s head.

“Milly Ashford.” Milly said shortly as she went right back to work between the drenched cunt lips in front of her.

“I like you…, so you’re mine now.” Kallen latched her mouth to side of Nunnally’s neck and sucked. After a few moments the young blonde tried to pull the red head from her neck, but Kallen instead sucked hard. The feeling was intensified 10 fold as Milly mimicked the same action between her legs. Her legs clinched tightly as a furious orgasm ripped through her small frame. Milly drunk every creamy drop as Nunnally slowly came back to her senses.

“Please stop.” Nunnally said calmly as Kallen and Milly responded laterally, lifting their mouths from the younger girl’s body.

“Whatever you say honey.” Kallen’s voice lusted as she looked her handy-work over.

“Perfect.” Kallen touched the dark red spot on the side of Nunnally’s neck as the girl blushed.

“She’s even cuter now.” Milly got to her feet, reaching into her pocket and pulled out a clean pair of underwear.

“Here.” Milly smiled as Nunnally wiped herself properly and put on the fresh pair of panties.

“What… just happen? Did I jus’ become that girl’s girlfriend?”

Nunnally stood wordlessly as Kallen smiled.

“I know it’s strange, even a bit weird, but you’ll start feeling better once you leave, and don’t worry I’ll send for you when…, well you know.” Kallen looped her finger and kissed the girl’s cheek as Milly kissed the other.

“Run along now, and I don’t think I have to tell you to keep this to yourself, right?” The red head threatened slightly as Milly giggled. Nunnally carefully moved between the two girls as she headed to the door. The door suddenly swung open as a tall orange-haired girl stood in the doorway, blocking the young girl’s way.

“Underclassman?” Shirley grinned as Kallen popped her head out.

“She’s paid the toll.” Kallen pointed at her neck as Shirley tilted her head, her grin widened at seeing the almost purple hickey.

“Ohhhh, you marked her too?” Shirley ran her fingers through Nunnally’s lovely blonde hair as the girl remained still.

“I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other huh?” The swimmer moved aside as Nunnally walked out. She looked back as the door closed on the three girls grinning and waving at her.

“What have I gotten myself into…?”

Just as Nunnally was about to walk away Kallen popped her head out of the bathroom.

“Will you do me a favor?” Kallen asked sweetly as the blonde nodded unsurely.

“Take down that “out of order” sign for me? Thanks.” The red head smiled as she disappeared back into the bathroom without another word.

“You got to be kidding me…”

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